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Connections Review

The Quarterly ACI Courier
Issue #12, Fall 2015


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In This Issue

   This quarter we look forward to supplying you with valuable resources.  To begin with, we are publishing our first installment of an interview series with Christian faculty.  This particular series will involve interviewing three professors who have already achieved tenure and subsequently reached full professor status at their schools.  The question we want to ask is, "What can be learned from their experiences, now that they have reached full professorship?"

   Below that you can access our regular departments like Café Cook, Updates and Upgrades, and our own Court Watch.  In the Café Cook section below you can access a recent discussion on free speech rights and more.  In the Updates and Upgrades section you can access our free updated resources that are posted online for your convenience.  In the Court Watch section you can catch up with legal issues that could very well affect you and your journey in academe--significantly updated for this installment.  Be sure to check them all out each edition.

   Further below on this page don't miss our offer of a year's subscription to the Mars Hill Audio as a thank you for gifts to this ministry (see below) between now and the end of the year.  Mars Hill Audio believes, "... that Christians often speak of engaging the culture, but engagement can easily result in captivity to contemporary culture, or, in Biblical terms, being conformed to the patterns of this world.  Wise and faithful cultural engagement requires an understanding of what culture should do and be, amended by attentiveness to how the divinely established structures of Creation and of human nature should shape our cultural lives."  

   For details of the offer, see below, under the 'Special Offer" banner. 

Front Page

   We begin this issue with our first of three interviews on the topic of "gaining full professorship."  This first installment is an interview with Dr. Scott Bryant of Montana State University.  

   Dr. Bryant received his Ph.D. in management, with an emphasis in strategy and entrepreneurship, from the University of Oregon in 2002.  He has a BA (1990) and an MBA (1998) from Seattle Pacific University.  He is currently a professor of management at Montana State University and also serves as the Executive Director in the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (JJCBE).  

   This interview was conducted by ACI using FaceTime and this edited transcript was produced from the conversation:

ACIDid you have your eyes on that “prize” of becoming a full-professor when you started as an assistant professor?
Dr. Scott Bryant:  You know I think my best answer to that is, yes and no (laugh).  I wasn’t really thinking about becoming a full professor as much as I was pretty focused on getting tenure and promotion to associate professor—that was my immediate goal. But I realized that being a motivated person who likes to continue to achieve I think I had it in the back of my mind that I would like to become a full professor.  So when I started the process I don’t think so, but part of me was just working my way up the ladder.
ACIWhat are some lessons you think you might have learned along the way through this process?
SB: I think the first lesson I learned is that becoming a full professor is really more about desiring to be a leader in the college and willing to be more of a servant to your colleagues.  I think the tenure hurdle is already over, so it’s totally optional and I needed a good reason to pursue it.  And…I needed to examine my own motives as to why—merely for the title of full professor or other reasons—and it took me a...


We trust you will enjoy this issue!  See regular departments below.

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James A. Cook
Editor, Connections Review
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