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Connections Review

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of Academic Connections, International
Issue #10, Winter 2015
   You can see we have changed the format for our semi-annual Connections Review publication.  We think this new format will be more intuitive and allow you to more quickly access things of interest or things you wish to explore.  This will be helpful if you want to dig deeper into the varying densities of what is made available, and it allows us to do it in a way that does not compromise our communication objectives.  It will also be helpful when we begin publishing this more frequently.

   You may also access this publication in your browser (see link at top of page).  Our archive of previous issues can be found in its traditional format by clicking on the link provided. (Note certain PC browsers like Explorer have trouble opening the archived files properly, so consider using another browser like Chrome for this if you use a PC.)

In This Issue

   You will find on Page 1 in this edition a brief discussion of some benefits of increasing the integrality of faith and life in the context of academe.  On Page 2 you are invited to grab a cup of coffee and follow the link to a 'regular' section of CR we call, Café Cook.  

   Below these two pages we have provided additional links to our family of resources, which includes recent ACI digital "Upgrades and Updates," "Court Watch" and "Discussables."  Enjoy!

Page 1 - Integrality

   While sipping a decaf at the local Bittersweet Coffee Shop I was thinking about a former colleague who started a ministry to faculty at Dartmouth University and named it Integrare.  That's an intriguing name for a ministry to faculty.  This Latin word can be translated as 'entire,' or 'whole.'  He takes the idea of wholeness seriously, especially wholeness in the sense of integrality of mind and life.  

   I'd like to say something about my own take from there.  Ironically academic life is often not well integrated.  Perhaps that's because its craft is a very demanding priority--it is described as 'publish or perish' or by the updated aphorism--'publish and perish anyway.'  Most academics who make it to tenure and full professorship have the necessary talent and have learned to manage that segment of their lives well; but they often find other important compartments of their lives sadly and frustratingly askew...present audience excluded. 

   One way some Christian scholars have tried to manage those other areas has been to try to think through their disciplines informed by their theological persuasions.  As far as integrality is concerned, that is extremely important, but not what I want to highlight here.  

   Another way some Christian professors have tried to further integrate their lives has included things like involving themselves in social justice issues on campus.  
These two mentioned "strategies" are very important and good, but there are other means that can be included.  One simple and straight forward idea is to let your colleagues know who you are.

   A Suggestive Study

   I want to call your attention to a rather suggestive study that was made at Kansas State University in 2014.  It was a cross-cultural study of just under 600 working adults in a variety of industries including education and finance in the U.S. and South Korea--all the employees were Christian (emphasis mine).  "Those studied were asked how important religion was to them and how it helped shape their identity."  Among the things the researchers found were, "...employees who valued religion as a core part of their lives were more likely to disclose their religion in the workplace...and "most significantly, the researchers found that the employees who disclosed their religion in the workplace had several positive outcomes, including higher job satisfaction and higher perceived well-being (emphasis mine)."  Here's a link to a related article about the study.

   Those mentioned benefits from the study, higher job satisfaction and higher perceived well-being, play an obvious important role in flourishing as an individual and even corporate flourishing as a sub-culture within the larger culture of academe.

   Of course, how you disclose your identity as a Christian in your sphere of influence is about as important as doing it.  Maybe more important.  We'll save that discussion for now and talk about that next time.  

Page 2 - Café Cook

  Café Cook is a place where you can grab a cup, put your feet up and relax.  It's a place for when you have more time to pick and choose among items for which we think you might have interest.  It's a place you can scan a variety  and/or drill down a little deeper. 

   Enjoy additional resources below our signature (Discussables, Updates and Court Watch) by accessing the links provided.

Best Regards,
James A. Cook
Editor, Connections Review
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