Body Sense workshops & retreats with Marguerite van der Merwe
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 In Workshops / Workshop-Retreats, individual and group sessions, we practice the many-splendoured BODY SENSE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE  arts of Poise, Awareness, Relaxedness & The Art of Natural, Conscious Walking. 


‘Leads us by the hand to a place where we look with new eyes at ourselves and experience the forgotten familiarity of our bodies. A ‘magical doorway‘ invites us to walk through, to use Walking to get to know ourselves and the world we live in‘ ( Antony) 
‘Reminds us to use movement wisely – with grace, elegance, openness – mindfully and easily’ (Julia)
‘A methodology leading to heightened consciousness of the Self and the world’ (Nicki)
‘An experience of effortlessness and lightness - a gentle, hands-on process, guiding into profound release of tension and stress, of stiffening, holding, collapsing‘.

WHERE WE’RE GOING – Cultivating the Vision – January-July 2018

LIMBERING LITHENESS Workshops – Challenging the extreme, often injurious, modern ‘exercise & fitness’ cult, this is a 3 hr group workshop offering no-strain, easy, intelligent & meaningful movements/exercising developed from Alexander work, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, daily life, & other. Giving ease, strength, suppleness, balance, power, enjoyment, calm, relaxedness.
Our bodies are intricate, beautiful & intelligent - we do not need forcefulness or mindless repetitive punishing regimes!                  

THE ART OF WALKING Workshops  (3 hr) 9h30-12h30
 For both the above Workshops: Dates:  9 March, 10 March,  27 April, 28 April, 22 June, 23 June.  Venue: Kleinmond. Other locations on request. Contact me - make up your own Group. Other venues - we can discuss  
TEMENOS, McGregor – One Week – Two Workshop-Retreats - May 1-4 & May 4-6, 2018
A unique opportunity to participate in either, or both, Workshops –May 1-4 Midweek (Tues to Fri) & May 4-6 Weekend (Fri to Sun).  Each Workshop is complete in itself – they can be experienced separately or together: Stand-alone or Run-on. Participating in both expands & complements  aspects of the work. Contact me for details, info.
McGREGOR, Temenos - Regular bi-monthly individual sessions – January, March, May, July
POISE – POSTURE - POWER For TEENS small groups of teen girls, with mothers. On request
ONGOING aspects of Body Sense Alexander-work: Kleinmond: Individual sessions ( 1 hr ); ½ day, 1 day group workshops (3-6 people - lovely walks around here as ‘extras’). INVITE ME/ FORM A GROUP to discuss format, date. I may be willing to travel.
TAI CHI/QI GONG  - the ultimate exercise-art… Classes in Kleinmond are guided by Body Sense Alexander Technique.

WHERE we’ve TRAVELLED  - Cultivating the Vision - July-December - 2017 
‘To find Freedom amid challenging times, we have to start where we are.
How do we manage our own bodies?’   JACK KORNFIELD

Times are always a-changing. Managing our bodies and our thinking - to find Poise in life - is also a choice to enter the kingdoms of Calm. Serenity. Alexander’s work offers a comprehensive way  to achieve all this – how to manage our BodyMind-Self, how to Stop - Think - make constructive choices  about how we do what we do. So that we may manage & direct each moment, action, step of the day in Poise and Good Use/care. These Skills are built through practice – just as a dancer, singer, artist, leader or athlete must. 
What for?:
For 1: Our Health – body, mind, senses, mobility, feelings, relationships… I live in an elderly community -  you don’t want to see all the mobility & health problems!.
For 2: Our own EASE – in mind, body, in all our performances, big & small.
For 3: Our Children. This is likely the biggest challenge of all: the deterioration in educating our young people. We are minded to think carefully about the current chaos in many school rooms, the lack of order/ standards/ facilities, the numbers, the conditions in which teachers are tasked to prepare future citizens, working parents, all the lifestyle stressors ‘out there’ – haste, consumerism, technology pitfalls, competition, corruption… 
I salute all parents, teachers, schools & educators who work to embed Right Living, Right Ethics, the Courtesies of Effective, Honest, community living. UBUNTU.
Right now, up to one thousand Alexander Technique teachers from all over the planet, are preparing to gather in Chicago for our bi-annual Alexander Technique Congress, each freely offering their special knowledge & experience in teaching, demonstrating and living a Life of Poise – Calm - Service. Through the overarching Way of Good Body-Mind Management. A constructive community of equals – a remarkable ‘Tribe’ – a Body of Light. 
Living a Life of Poise & Balance - in body, mind, senses, feelings
The Way of Effortless Action
A Path to Conscious Awareness
Body Sense Alexander calls – entices – leads- invites you - to enter through this doorway
Many of you in my mailing have, over the years, purchased ‘THE ART OF WALKING’ book, and done work (various) with myself and our wider Alexander communities. We could consider ourselves an intelligent, caring, interactive ‘Tribe’.
The book has been a major aspect of my own Way, of integrating Alexander work into daily life. It is formed as a manual of ’practical guidance & inspiration, developing Walking into a powerful resource, a way to recover our natural state of Poise, Sensitivity, Vitality, and expansive Conscious-Awareness. A skilful Way of moving through one’s days and life, balanced and centred in richly-layered awareness…’
My Intention is to train others to teach this ‘WALKING WELLNESS’ in small groups. And therefore, to you, members of this ‘Tribe’, I’m sending out a CHALLENGE! :
Consider the possibility, the value, of participating in a 6-month Certification Course comprising: Regular Online material (reading, exercises, steps); 4/5 Workshop Days (practical hands-on, step-up teaching) in Kleinmond or as agreed. The book is required. Unearth all the small ‘Certificates’ you received at Workshops.
Contact me if interested. 1. We discuss & explore individual backgrounds, experience, location, intention, workshop days, availability etc. 2. Details, cost, workshop days, options, timing. 3. Final decisions for individuals & groups.
Changing the World – step by intelligent step!
JAMES HILLMAN, writing in Resurgence:  ‘Avarice, gluttony, vanity, lascivity, envy, wrath and sloth – to these classical seven deadly sins, according to Aldous Huxley, we moderns, despite our inventive genius and after so many centuries, have been able to add only one new sin.  The sin: HASTE, hurry, rush, speed, momentum, acceleration…We live in the economics of hurry… Time is money... haste, the spirit of hurrying time .…’ 
F.M.Alexander warned: “Speed is the royal road to perdition.”
Marguerite is a senior teacher of The Alexander Technique & Tai Chi, with 30 yrs experience in the mind-body-spirit domain. Author of ‘The Art of Walking – Path to Health & the Richness of Well-Being’. She conducts workshops, retreats and individual sessions throughout the country.
"No medical or other intervention can save us from what we do to ourselves – to heal, we must bring back the body’s perfect mechanisms and functioning”.


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