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 In Workshops, Workshop-Retreats, individual and group sessions, we practice the many-splendoured BODY SENSE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE Art of Poise, Awareness, Relaxedness. The Art of Natural, Conscious Walking, Impeccable Attentiveness and Eco-Awareness

Extended weekend in The Gardens of Temenos, McGregor
WORKSHOP-RETREATS  May 24-26,  November 1-3, 2019

will focus on a combination & aspects of

Integrating  the principles & practice of Alexander Technique and Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Marguerite guides us into the shared perspectives of these significant  Arts – of acting freely, without force  or effort . Embedding Movements from these disciplines to let go of strain and tension, force and  effort – allowing the body’s natural EASE to operate. Centering, balancing,  grounding our bodymindSelf  into Effortless movement, Alertness, and Vitality - as Nature designed us.
Moving In accordance with the majestic intelligence of Nature – where our actions flow from the bodymind’s natural intelligent co-ordination and EASE.
Every moment and movement is wonder-full !
Through engaging our conscious awareness and innate intelligence,  “MOVEMENTS OF MEANING & POWER” are revealed by their Effortlessness  - and offer a means to enhance our coordination, our overall health, mobility, composure, and potential for learning. The process develops from restoring our birthright of  Awareness-Attention -  Poised Self-Carriage – Effortless Mobility – Supple Balance – Constructive Resting

Great lions can find peace in a cage
But we should only do that
as a last
So those bars I see that restrain your wings
I guess you won’t mind
if I pry them
RUMI 1207-1273   Translation: Coleman Barks
MOVEMENTS & ETUDES training in BodyMind Poise,  Presence,  Power
Temenos, with its peaceful, beautiful, spiritualized environment, and Alexander Teacher Marguerite,  come together where, gently and skillfully,  we restore   EFFORTLESSNESS & FLOW  in our Doing and our Being. Such that each moment, each step, each action, embodies the beautiful  AWARENESS & CARETAKING of both our human Self and our Eco-environments.
Alexander Technique -Is gentle, therapeutic, intelligent, absorbed courtesy of the A T teacher’s hands-on guidance.  Body knowledge of balance, tension & ease  through a process of releasing tensions and learning how to USE your body as Nature designed—with gracefulness, relaxedness, effortless moveability. It is a way of becoming constructively aware of everything we do and be.

Overcoming unconscious habits that cause physical and emotional strain and stress, we liberate the effectiveness of our body’s natural mechanisms  -  facilitating improvement in health, well-being, awareness and performance.  

Temenos  -offers us its unique environment of quietude and restfulness, allowing us intimate connection and awareness of Nature, and the space for personal  ’retreat’.  

Smatterings of the Arts of Walking, Tai Chi/Qi Kung, delicious food, music, meditation,   me- time, deep restfulness & creative relaxedness - all support the process. With time and space for what-you-will – wander The Garden, listen to the silence or the birdlife, watch clouds, leaves and ducks, write,  sketch, simply ‘be’.

Marguerite - Internationally qualified, professional teacher of The Alexander Technique (30+ yrs).and of Tai Chi, widely studied in the fields of body,  mind and spirit, Marguerite brings to her teaching a gentle, open, practical, holistic approach, a  respect for the magnificence and potential of the human body’s design, and the individual’s ability to build health and performance  in a natural, effective way. 

 nervous system steadying, becoming less reactive - anxiety, tension and effort drifting out - alertness, calm, settling in, filtering through the entire body. 
Now we're ready to think – feel -  ‘Be - and Do.’
Early morning : walks, meditation, Inspirational Mobility (T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Body Sense, other).  
Mornings: Workshop sessions - group
Afternoons: Individual sessions-guided through the skilful, gentle,  Alexander- hands-on process. Guided Activities. Free retreat-time
Evenings:  quiet richness of music, poetry, story, whatever the evening calls … 
Meals: wholesome, delicious, beautifully prepared vegetarian 
Meditations:  in The Well, The Little Way, Temenos Garden, Mindful Walking 
COST:  R3 950 -  all-inclusive: single accommodation, all meals, facilities. Stay over Sunday night at no extra cost.

BOOKINGS/ENQUIRIES: CONTACT:   Marguerite 028 271 4555;  ;  or ; 023 625 1871
MARGUERITE (OSLER) van der MERWE is a senior teacher of Body Sense Alexander Technique and Tai Chi, with more than 30 years professional experience in the mind-body-spirit domain. She presents individual sessions, workshops and retreats countrywide.  Author of ’THE ART OF WALKING—Path to Health & the Richness of Well-Being’, and ’EVE-OLUTION—Enhancing Feminine Consciousness &  Body Awareness’. In June 2016, Marguerite was awarded the University of the Free State’s CHANCELLOR’S MEDALLLION “for exceptional service to South Africa and the world beyond our borders.” 

It’s like this … 
97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique – it is only a very small minority of back pain sufferers that require medical intervention such as surgery. 
— Dr Jack Stern, spinal neurosurgeon and founding partner of Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York, USA

‘In watching some of the top performers in the world, in their different disciplines, from acrobats to musicians, cirque du soleil, and many others, displaying perfect Alexander principles.’   G M 

Thank you so much for your tender touch, clear instructions, compassionate heart and wonderful example of free movement in space.’ 
( Karoo workshop)

Marguerite’s skill and artistry enabled me – in my 60s – to walk the 800km Camino de Santiago with ease, with grace, and with great pleasure..                    A.C.

‘ i remember you asking me to stop Tai chi and yoga and after 2 or so more years when I did it again, it was a revelation. Although I had been doing them for many years each, it was as if I had never done them before, as if for the first time I was doing Tai Chi, understood the principles’.  
Follow a visual glimpse into BODY SENSE ALEXANDER & TAI CHI video :

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