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Illuminating Auto Service Bays

Arkon continues to grow its business in an overlooked area of car dealerships.

The lighting on the front line of car dealerships gets all the attention—that’s where customers see automobiles beautifully illuminated as night falls, and most managers know that’s where they can make a big difference by updating with LEDs.

But just as critical is an area in which Arkon Power continues to see business growth: Lighting in car dealership service areas.

“It’s an area that is often overlooked, but it’s extremely important,” Arkon Technical Manager Graham Brown said. “Service is a major revenue stream for dealerships, and proper lighting can increase productivity and safety.”

Arkon typically fits auto maintenance departments with LED standard high bays and LED linear high bays. The LED standard high bays are used throughout the drive aisles to illuminate large areas, with the LED linear high bays suspended on all sides of the service areas to eliminate shadows and dark spots. Arkon’s engineering department can provide revamped lighting layouts that achieve up to 70% energy cost reductions and greatly improved light output.

“The lighting layouts are critical,” Brown said. “You have to make sure light strikes all sides of the cars to eliminate shadows, even when they are raised up on lifts.”

LEDs also make the working area safer and reduce lighting maintenance, meaning decreased downtime for auto service centers. During the lighting installation project, Arkon works in stages to minimize work stoppages for renovation.

Arkon has completed recent service area lighting projects for Brandon Honda in Florida and BMW Fairfax in Virginia. Most dealerships making the investment report they can complete more jobs in a shorter amount of time due to the improved lighting, which eliminates the need for supplementary bulbs and headlamps.

“Every dealer we’ve worked with has been extremely happy, and some of the best feedback comes from the service technicians themselves,” Brown said. “They’re the ones working on the cars, and their appreciation means a lot.”

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