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This week I shared an anecdote on Twitter and LinkedIn about the first time (my last startup) went hiring from ISB (my alma mater).

If you have read it already, you can skip the story and come to the conclusion. Else read on. 

The first time nearbuy went to hire from ISB, we had to find a way of creating buzz on the campus.
Positive buzz.

We weren’t a well known brand.
We weren’t paying top salaries.
Competition for talent was intense

So during the pre-placement talk, we told students two things.

1. Your resume SHOULD NOT be in the ISB resume template.
“Add color to it”

2. On the resume, name someone else from the batch who you think is better than you, for the role you are applying for

It was super interesting to see the reactions.

Students were curious as to “what does color mean?”
Do you mean actual color? Or “add color” figuratively?
This led to the most joyful submissions
Comic books

We sensed liberation

We collated the frequently recurring names, and if they hadn’t applied reached out to them, while the submissions were on.
“7 students who have applied think you will be better than them at this role. Do you wish to consider applying?”
Very few will be able to say no to this!

In a batch of 770 people, we had 380 students applying!

It made our job of shortlisting a lot harder, but we weren’t complaining. This is what we signed up for!
We eventually hired 4 product managers.
(And all 4 of them stayed with us for 3+ years!)

There is a thing about templates.
They are very seductive.
They give an illusion of safety. 
They give an illusion of low risk.
So a lot of us fall for them.
Not just in our resumes.
In our lives.

Think about it.
How many of us are living our life like a template.

If Class tenth marks > 90%, then science
If parents = engineers, then study engineering
If parents = business, then study commerce
If engineer = yes, then MBA
If age > 25, get married jaldi jaldi
If married > 2 years, sunao khush khabari to the world

All of these are nothing but templates.

And whenever I think of templates, I am reminded of a powerful thing that Steve Jobs once said during an interview.
"Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use."

But most of us do not change the rules.
We play a game designed by someone else. And thus the rules laid out by someone else.

The world does not need another template.
The world needs a rebel.

PS: On that note, here is the resume template I used for the longest time, while at ISB and beyond
As you can imagine, this template will not appeal to everyone. And that works for me. It is a way for me to self select which company will appreciate someone like me, with my idiosyncrasies. 


Last week I started reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" again and haven't managed to complete it. This is one of those books which will not get done in a week :)

But the reason for not completing it was because we are having a Tennis tournament in our colony and I have been preparing for that with my partner (it is a Doubles Tennis tournament). As of today, we have made it to the Semi Finals (there were 8 teams in all) and by the time you read this newsletter, I would know if we have made it to the final or not. 

The final is on Sunday, so send me an email asking if we won! :)

In the meantime, a lot of you asked for it, so I wrote a thread on "How I read books"
Here it is
Downloadable PDF, Twitter thread

Books I have read in the past 4 weeks
Think like a monk, by Jay Shetty
Psychology of Money, by Morgan Housel - absolutely must read for those who want to start investing
Siddhartha: An Indian Tale, by Herman Hesse - a mind spinning book on life, set during Buddha's time
No Rules Rules: Netflix and the culture of reinvention, by Reed Hastings - a must read, if you care about company culture

Amazon link to all my book recommendations


Your resume should represent who YOU are.
Not what the world wants you to be.
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The smartest learn from every thing and every one. 
The smart ones from their experiences.
The stupid already have all the answers.
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People who are enjoying their lives are at a competitive advantage.
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There are people who tell you that you are wrong.
There are people that help you see where you are wrong.
Chose the right ones in your life.
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The world doesn’t need one more format. It needs one more rebel.
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Last week I asked all of you about your investing status.
Option 1: I can invest and I do invest
Option 2: I can invest but I chose not to right now
Option 3: I can invest but do not know how/where to
Option 4: I cannot invest right now

More than 50% of those who responded said they lie in Option 1 - which is awesome!
However, a worrying 30% chose Option 3.

I call it worrying because we live in a world where information around investing is available in abundance. While that is a boon, it poses a real challenge because when it comes to money, more information doesn't make people more aware. It makes them more scared! 

A big congrats to all students who responded saying they are investing their pocket monies! Such smart kids!  

PS: If you are struggling to think about money, pleeeeaaaaassssseeeeee pick up this book 
Psychology of Money, by Morgan Housel 

Which one would you choose and why?
1. Work for 5 days a month and get paid 50% of your current salary
2. Work for 30 days a month (no holidays) and get paid 200% of your current salary

Let me know by simply responding to the email.
I read all my emails.
God promise! 

Until next Friday, 
stay awesome
stay focused

- warikoo

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