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What comes to your mind when I say, "he/she is an artist"
Let me guess.
You visualize someone wearing jeans, a khaadi kurta (and nowadays, a khaadi mask as well), with a paint brush in their hand. Their hair isn't combed and they are most likely bare foot.
Or maybe you imagine someone wearing jhilmil clothes (badan pe sitaare and all, you know), on a stage, dancing to some dance number.
Or maybe someone sitting on a bar stool, guitar in their hands, a mic in front, singing your favorite song.

Basically, most of us will visualize a performer, when I ask you to visualize an artist.

But isn't our entire life a performance?
Isn't our work a performance?
Aren't our relationships also a performance? (Don't read too much in the double meaning, you dirty mind!)
Isn't everything that we do, a performance?

Then how is it that we do not consider ourselves as an artist?

We do not become an artist by what we do. 
We become an artist by how we do what we do.

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An artist wants to do more
You’ll never hear an artist say they want to do less of their work. Their work isn’t just their work, they come alive through their work. So every extra moment spent on that work is a blessing, which an artist would hardly prefer to let go.

An artist isn't afraid of making mistakes
We all make mistakes. So does an artist. The difference is that the artist treats those mistakes as a way to learn something new. They know that a mistake made twice is a mistake wasted.

An artist knows that they don't know
They are always curious to understand people and things and life because their humility keeps them aware of the fact that what they know is a fraction of what the world really is.

An artist's work signs for them
A true artist is someone whose work signs for themselves. A true artist leaves such impressions and finesse in their work that anyone witnessing that work knows who has done that – their work does not need a signature.

An artist detaches themselves from their art
In Japan there is a painting technique called the Buddha board where we paint using watercolors. However, once the painting is over,  the colors fade away, leaving behind no painting. The artist, however, still works on it because of who they have become in the process. 

I have always seen myself as an artist.
As a performer.
That presentation I have to make - that's a performance.
That video I have to shoot - that's a performance.
That zoom call with a founder - a performance.
My words, my thoughts, my actions - will weave the performance. And I am constantly asking myself - "Am I happy with my performance? Did I live up to the artist in me?"

We all are artists.
The question is - do we think of ourselves as one?

Are you an artist?

This week I picked up a book that I had read a long long time back and have forgotten most of what it said (quite frankly, I may not have even understood most of what it said back then!)
Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda

I have been craving to read it ever since Ranveer BeerBiceps spoke about it so beautifully on a podcast I did with him

Books I have read in the past 4 weeks
Think like a monk, by Jay Shetty
Psychology of Money, by Morgan Housel - absolutely must read 
Siddhartha: An Indian Tale, by Herman Hesse - a mind spinning book on life, set during Buddha's time
No Rules Rules: Netflix and the culture of reinvention, by Reed Hastings - a must read, if you care about company culture

Amazon link to all my book recommendations


Taking responsibility for ourselves is how we become responsible towards everyone else.
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Safe sucks!
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Sometimes killing a relationship is the only way to save yourself from it.
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Relationships do not need things to grow. They need time.
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If you keep telling people "you have changed", then it is most likely you who has to change.
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If you follow tennis, then you would have noticed that Nadal won the French Open (yet again)
This Nike ad about Nadal (from 2019) began to go viral again. Deservingly so.
I challenge you - you will get goosebumps watching this. Even if you don't follow tennis! No external engagements.


Last week, I asked all of you if you would choose
1. Sure shot loss of Rs. 500, or
2. Spin the wheel with 50% chance of losing Rs. 1,000 and 50% chance of losing nothing.

Not surprisingly, almost 70% of all those who wrote in chose option 2

This is a very well understood concept called "Prospect theory"
As humans, we basically hate losses.
So we try to avoid it at all costs.
Option 2 helps us avoid it (by giving us a 50% chance)
And so most of us will take it.

I wrote a twitter thread on this and how it applies to real-life


Where are you and why?
Option 1: I can invest and I do invest
Option 2: I can invest but I chose not to right now
Option 3: I can invest but do not know how/where to
Option 4: I cannot invest right now

Let me know :)

Until next Friday, 
stay awesome
stay focused

- warikoo

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