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In this edition, I share why all of us should have a Failure Resume, the book I am reading this week, some quotes I came up with, my response to an email titled "Rant of a victim of Indian Education System" and a super interesting question I want to ask all of you. 

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I usually do not like birthdays.
Especially not now, when I am growing old.
It mostly means saying "thank you" to a lot of people, most of whom (in my case) I wouldn't even know of!

But I like birthdays for one thing they do.
They make you reflect upon the year gone by.

Last week I turned 40.
And as a part of my reflection this birthday, I decided to write a Failure Resume.
(Read it on Twitter, Read it on LinkedIn, Download as a PDF)

My DMs are filled with such heartwarming messages.
And the most common message is
"Your failures gave me hope."

That is the thing about failure.
We all fail.
But we think we are the only ones who are failing.
Because success is spoken about a lot more in this world than failure is.

So when everyday we hear only success stories - the FORBES list, Sharmaji ka beta, the fund raising, the crazy pay package;
We think - no one fails.
It must be just me.

So when you read about someone else's failure, it makes you feel you are not alone.
It makes you feel normal.
It says that you are not inadequate, incapable, any lesser.
Everyone fails.

When you write a failure resume, you not just take a step towards vulnerability. You also inspire courage in others.

Have you made your failure resume?
Not for yourself, but for someone else?


This week I am reading a very very interesting book
Range: How generalists triumph in a specialized world

As the name suggests, it is to explore the idea that your varied experiences in life set you up for that ONE experience in which you prosper. 
And frankly, this isn't a new idea.

If you recall, our history books always named the most important men and women of the past as people of multiple interests.
But the industrial revolution brought about the concept of specialization. 
Do only one thing and do it well - because that is how industries made more with less. 

This book takes us back to the glorious days of generalization. 

Strongly recommended.

My other recommendations so far:
Sapiens | The Hard Thing About Hard Things | Better Under Pressure | Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance | Tools of Titans | Trillion Dollar Coach | A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy | Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK | Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss without Loosing your humanity | How Will You Measure Your Life? | Atomic Habits | Man's Search for Meaning | High Growth Handbook | Skin In The Game | Direct Truth


Fear has led to more procrastination than laziness ever will.

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Emotional debt has killed more people than financial debt ever will.

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Pride has left more people alone, than loneliness ever will.

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Self doubt has failed more people than overconfidence ever will.

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Silence will earn you more respect than your words ever will.

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Regret will cause more pain than failure ever will.

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The other day I got an email with the subject line, "Rant of a victim of Indian Education System"

I opened the email to see the same topic repeated!
"I am in a job that I do not like. But I like the financial stability that it brings. What should I do?"

I replied
You have financial stability right now. That's super awesome and important.
Now, become obsessive about your time.
Spare as much time as you can away from work. And use that to explore.
Explore different things that you feel you could be good at. 
Don't put any pressure on yourself to make it work. 
Don't put any pressure on yourself to make money from it.
Just enjoy it.
And if you find that thing that you truly enjoy and are good at - you will eventually find a way to make money from it.
Which is when you can say no to your job.

Does this make sense to you?


I asked this question on Twitter and would love your response too:
If you were born again, which gender would you like to be born as? 

Click here to respond via a survey.
(You will be able to see the results, once you share your response.)

Let me know :)

Until next Friday, 
stay awesome
stay focused

- warikoo

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