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In this edition, I ask you to tell your father "I love you", share the mistakes I made in my 20's, the final list of top books from last 4 years, a quote I wrote recently and some super interesting questions I asked my audience (with some surprising answers). 

Let's get started!

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A follower wrote to me early this week.
PS: I lost my father last month on July 10th, he was hale and hearty just went for an angioplasty just to never come out. I am telling you this because there are so many things we want to tell our father that we don't. Basically jaldi jaldi express karo.

It touched a chord. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

As we grow into independent adults we suck at expressing our love towards our parents. 
And I think fathers, in general, get the worse end of the stick.

The image of the head of the family, the one who is strong, never cries, always in control, rarely expresses, convinces us that they do not need our love to be expressed either. 

And this note struck a chord because of something that happened recently.
My parents stayed with us for a month.

My mom had to undergo a surgery (nothing serious) with a long recovery cycle.
So we were like, please come and stay with us. 

And it was lovely!
For the first time in 6 years, our parents stayed with us.
We ate together, played together, they thoroughly enjoyed 24 hrs of kids around, we all took good care of Ma. 
And then it was time for them to leave. 

And everyone expected Ma to cry (we lovingly call her Meena Kumaari).
But it was Papa who cried, too. 

He hugged me and said, "Bahut mazaa aaya. Bahut saalon baad phir se family ki feel aayi"
And that made me cry too.
And then Ruchi cried too.
And so did Vidur and Uzma, because they were like, this must be a cool game!

So it basically became a saas bahu serial! 

But it stayed with me, that we never really expressed our love towards Papa the way we did towards Ma. 
Ma was always the one who had to be managed, whose anger had to be managed, whose roothna had to be managed, whose choices were kept first.
But it was rarely about Papa.
He was the strong one! The one who will figure shit out.

His crying, and this email above from Yash, was another reminder of how everyone needs love.
Especially the ones who don't get it too often.

Say "I love you" to your father today.
It will make their day :))


In the last 2 editions of warikoo Wanderings, I have shared some of my top books from the last 4 years. 

Here are the last 5 recommendations from my side, before I start sharing with you the books I am currently reading.

Atomic Habits - One of the best books I have read. Speaks about a life philosophy that I have - that life is all about setting habits and not just goals. The right habits will lead you to the right goals. And this book does a wonderful job of showing how to set habits.

Man's Search for Meaning - A breathtaking book about hope, about survival and about the strength of the human mind. Absolutely must read, though it is heavy and possibly even depressing at times. It is centered around World War 2 and experiences in the Nazi camps.

High Growth Handbook - Possibly the best step-by-step guide on how to think of growth in a startup. Learnt a lot from it.

Skin In The Game - This book is a very hard read, but such an important one. Speaks of how skin in the game is everything and you should not pay heed to anything or anyone who can say something and get away without facing the impact of what they said.

Direct Truth - I had not heard of Kapil Gupta before Naval Ravikant mentioned him (Naval calls him his philosophical guru). Starting following him on twitter and there has been no turning back. His thoughts are sharp, thoughtful and provocative; and this book does a good job of presenting them to you. 

Previous recommendations:
Sapiens | The Hard Thing About Hard Things | Better Under Pressure | Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance | Tools of Titans | Trillion Dollar Coach | A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy | Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK | Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss without Loosing your humanity | How Will You Measure Your Life? 


Wrote a thread last Friday on Mistakes that I made in my 20's, which was well received and touched a lot of chords. 

My Twitter DMs were full of messages, 70% of them from people in their 30's regretting their 20's and the rest from those in their 20's relieved that they still have sometime to fix things :)

Here is the twitter thread and here is a PDF for you to download and share.

PS: eBook coming up soon on this. 


Everyone is running a different race.
In fact, we're not even in a race.
We're on our own paths.
Some walk. Some run. 

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Pick between Money and Power
(56% chose money!)

Pick between Speed and Perfection
(52% chose perfection!)

Pick between a competent asshole as a boss or an incompetent nice guy as your boss
(60% chose competent asshole)

Which of these 4 senses are you willing to give up, if you had to - See, Hear, Taste, Smell
(64% are willing to give up smell!)

If you could work from home forever, where would you work from- Metro city, hills, small city, or beach?
(42% said hills)

I love love love love asking questions :)

What is your favorite question, when you meet someone for the first time?

Until next Friday, 
stay awesome
stay focused

- warikoo

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