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In this edition, I share a funny anecdote on one of the flights I took, share 5 books that I love, tell you if the institute matters more or the course imo, and more.  

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I recently ran this poll on Twitter.
How old were you when you took your first flight?
40% or so were less than 18 when they took their first flight - which shows how disconnected Twitter is from the real world :)

I was 22 when I took my first flight. 
And that was to go to the US for my Masters.
Whatta swag!
First flight straight to the US!

And since then, I fell in love with flights. 
There is something wonderful about them.
You are disconnected from the world (b/c no Internet.)
You are amidst so many people and yet you are just by yourself, by your thoughts.
Reading, sleeping, looking out the window (am a window seat guy!)

I remember one funny instance, while taking a flight. 
This was around 2009. At that time, Ruchi, my wife used to work for the Discovery Channel.
So I was wearing a jacket of Discovery Channel.
As I boarded the flight, the air hostess looked at the jacket and said, "Wow. You work for the Discovery Channel. How cool. It's my favorite channel on TV."

I felt all smug at that point. 
So I replied, "Well, at Discovery, that is our aim. That we should be everyone's No.1 Channel."

Notice - I said we.
As if I worked at Discovery. 
Pretending to be all cool and shit! 

So the flight takes off.
She serves us our meals. (This was Jet - meals was a thing back then! And they were hot. Whooahh!)
And she is smiling at me, clearly impressed that such a susheel, gunwaan, seedha-saadha ladka is working at Discovery.
Maybe she had a crush on me.

So I begin to feel bad about lying to her.
You don't lie to the ones who have a crush on you. Do you?

So while getting off the plane, I decide to own up.
"So, I don't work at Discovery Channel. I was pretending to. This isn't my jacket. I am sorry for lying."

"Don't worry about it. I was lying, too. 
Discovery is not my favorite channel!"



I shared 5 of my best reads from the past 4 years in the previous edition
Here they are 
Sapiens | The Hard Thing About Hard Things | Better Under Pressure | Grit: The Power of Passion and PerseveranceTools of Titans 

The next 5 are:

Trillion Dollar Coach - this is the story of Bill Campbell who is considered to be one of the finest leadership coaches of all times, and his approach towards coaching. If you struggle to be a good coach or want to know what makes a good coach - this is a brilliant book. 

A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy - this is a great introductory book to Stoic philosophy, which I realize is the way I live most of my life. You will find deep connects to Buddhism in here sans the religious tones. Must read for everyone!

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK - from one of my favorite writers. This book is about how we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously, how most of what we think is useless and how we don't have to be an achiever in life. It is perfectly fine to be normal. Brilliant book. One of my all-time favorites.

Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss without Loosing your humanity - the title says it all. This book defined a lot of my leadership principles and if I could become even 20% of what this book lays out, I will consider myself a good leader. Must read for all people managers. 

How Will You Measure Your Life? - The book deals with how to be successful and happy in one's career and how to maintain a well balanced family life and attain the happiness one seeks. Learnt a lot from this book. Super read!

Will share another 5 in the next edition. SO MANY AWESOME BOOKS EXIST OUT THERE! 


So I asked this question in the previous edition:
"Do you think the institute matters more or the course?"
Some 250 people responded.

Deviation alert
I check my mails personally - it is not my team!
So many of you start your emails with "I don't know who is reading this" or "I don't know if this is even a real email" or "I don't know if Ankur will even read this ever."

I read ALL my emails and I try to reply to all of them too. So please do write.
Deviation over

So the results from these 250 who replied was: 
About 70% believed it is the institute that matters.
And the remaining, that the course does.

The reasons were interesting, though.

Majority of those who think the institute matters more, said so because of the brand/reputation of the institute, that opens doors. 
Which is quite true.

However, the reason I think the institute matters more is because:
You get to spend time with smart, sharp, driven people who challenge you.
Once you are my age (40!), you will realize that what matters a great deal in our life is the company we keep.
And a great institute ensures that.
The course frankly doesn't matter, unless you are into something highly technical.


I write a twitter thread every week on Friday and last Friday I wrote on the Mistakes I made as a founder/leader.

It was very well received and I thought I will share it with all of you too here.

You can read the thread here
Download a PDF presentation here


Losing your temper is a sign that you have a long way to go.

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Until next Friday, 
stay awesome
stay focused

- warikoo

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