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In this edition, I share a fake story about how Google started, the book I am reading this week, my latest eBook on Time Management, results of the "would you want to be reborn as the same gender" survey and some quotable quotes. 

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Forward this to your friends working at Google. I need to get this story validated.

Google is an awesome company.
In many ways.
One of those awesome things at Google, is the free lunch at their offices.
Have you seen one?
Let me describe it for you.

Imagine a football field.
And one half of the football field is full of food stalls.
North Indian counter
South Indian counter
Continental counter
Healthy counter
Dessert counter
Drinks counter

It's like a politician's wedding x 3! 

So I am having lunch at the Google Gurgaon office one day.
Standing in line of the North Indian counter.
And in front of me is a Googler. I recognize him because is wearing the same corporate leash that all of us wear. Also called the company ID card.

So this dude steps away from the line to check what the menu of the day is.
Reads it.
And goes, "F**k man - aaj phir se daal makhani hai!"
(Translated: F**k man - I have to subject myself to the torture of eating butter laden richly cooked lentils for 2 consecutive days of my hard-earned life!)

And I stood there. Amazed.
Wondering what is it that this person has done in his life to be troubled by the fact that he is getting to eat daal makhani for 2 days of his life?

So I came up with this theory
Of how Google started
(this is the time you forward this email to your Google friends)

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin (the founders of Google) started it, they said
"We are going to create the biggest mindf**k experiment that this world has ever seen."
"And here is how it will work."

"We will get a set of super smart people in a room (we will call it a company later on). And we will give them the most complex problems to work on."
"But we will also give them stuff they didn't expect."
"Free lunches. Bean bags. They can come whenever they want. Leave whenever they want. Bring their pets to work. Sleep at work. Take 20% off and do their own thing."

And over time

They will stand in front of the mirror and say, "I deserve this!"
I have worked so hard in my life, I deserve this!

But then Larry and Sergey were statisticians.
So they know that it is impossible that EVERYONE would feel this way.
There has to be a percentage, however small, that doesn't.
Let's assume 1%.

So they said, "If we build a large enough company, say 100,000 (Google's employee count), then 1% - or 1,000 people will get up every morning and say:
We don't deserve all of this.
We are going to work our asses off everyday to get close to hopefully feeling one day that we deserve this.' "

And those 1,000 will move the company forward.
The remaining 99,000 are just filling in a seat.
They are smart, no doubt, but their level of entitlement makes them dispensable.
It is the 1% that create magic.

And this, my friends, is not just true about Google. It is true for all companies, all institutions, all countries.
It is the 1% who do not feel entitled that drive it forward.

Are you that 1%?


Every year, I decide to read at least one book of Robert Greene. He is a master story-teller, relying on history to make his arguments.

The one I am reading this week happens to be his latest book 
The Laws of Human Nature
It is a stunning book that explains a lot of why we humans behave the way we do - a topic that continues to fascinate me. The book deep dives into our biases and our irrationality to make its point.

If you love to read about humans - pick up his books.
48 Laws of Power
The 50th Law
The 33 Strategies of War

My other book recommendations so far:
Sapiens | The Hard Thing About Hard Things | Better Under Pressure | Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance | Tools of Titans | Trillion Dollar Coach | A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy | Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK | Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss without Loosing your humanity | How Will You Measure Your Life? | Atomic Habits | Man's Search for Meaning | High Growth Handbook | Skin In The Game | Direct Truth | Range 


My 2nd eBook is out - this time again with the awesome Shreya Shah
This one is on one of my favorite topics - Time Management.

I write (briefly) about 3 concepts of time that will hopefully help you manage your time well. They have helped me tremendously over the past 2 decades or so. 

You can download the PDF version of my 2nd eBook by clicking here


327 of you responded.
The results were, as always, fascinating.

"Would you want to be reborn as the same gender or not?"
I asked this question last week to all of you.
  • 53% of you are male; 47% female
  • Of current males - 70% wanted to be born as male again. And 30% as female
  • Of current females - 74% wanted to be born as female again. And 26% as male
This tells me 3 things

        1. The gender profile on my newsletter is pretty impressive. Yay! 
        2. Women subscribed to this NL are far happier being women, than men are being men.
        3. Individuals subscribed to this NL are 2X more comfortable in their current gender.
We are an elite audience and this survey is clearly not reflective of what actually happens in the world - where clearly women have it a lot harder than us men! 

So I wouldn't be surprised if the actual world results would have more women wanting to be reborn as men and more men wanting to stick to being men!

What do you think?


Curiosity has created more opportunities than hard work ever will.

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If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole.
If you ran into assholes all day, you are the asshole.

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If you are scared of losing
You have already lost!

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Being calm is a skill.

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Making the same mistake again, is a mistake wasted!

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Until next Friday, 
stay awesome
stay focused

- warikoo

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