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In this edition, I analyze why I lost my tennis match, share my latest book with all of you and ask you yet another interesting question.  

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Our colony was conducting a Double Tennis tournament. My team made it to the semi-finals and then we lost.
Lost miserably!
I played worse than the worst player in the tournament.

And then I spent the entire day thinking about it. Over analyzing. Questioning my shots, my strategy. Nothing really explained it.
Except the fact that I was under immense pressure.

We were the top seeds.
We were the ones who were expected to win the semi-finals.
Heck, we were the ones who were expected to win the tournament.
And on the day of the match, the pressure got to me.

But I handle pressure really well.
I have been in high pressure environments, have been through really tough situations at work and life. So how was this pressure different?

Here is why
Pressure is of two kinds.

One, the pressure that you feel everyday, because of your environment.
Imagine yourself in a top college, surrounded by super sharp kids. 
Every single day, their conversations, their choices, their mannerisms, their opinions add pressure on you.
But this sort of pressure elevates you.
This pressure inspires you.
When we say that competition ups our game, this is what we mean.
If you are amongst people who are much much better than you, on a daily basis, the "pressure" helps you.

But the second kind of pressure is pressure of the moment.
Pressure of performance for a specific event.
Think of exams. Or interviews. Or a presentation. or, in this case, a match. 
It doesn't matter who you are, what you know, what you think, if you do not perform well in the moment, you will fail. 
This pressure is damaging.
This pressure hurts.
This pressure doesn't up our game. It reduces it.

And I realized, I haven't had an opportunity for a really long time to experience the second kind of pressure.
I haven't given an interview, sat for an exam, given an investing pitch presentation or anything like this, in a really long while.
My pressure is the first kind - of constantly surrounding myself with smart people and feeling like a duffer more often than not. 

That's what did not work for me!

The best performers are trained in the second kind of pressure. Singers, dancers, sportspeople - they become the best because they know how to handle pressure that is generated in the moment. BUT they are masters in the first kind of pressure as well. Always training with the best, always competing with those better than them.   

Unfortunately, most of us are subjected to only the second kind of pressure, while growing up. 
Examinations, interviews, tests!
If we do well, we pass. If we don't, we fail!
And we come to hate pressure, understandably so. 
We think pressure is bad.
In this case it is.
But it isn't if we were to think of it as the first kind. 

If you want to elevate your game, bring long-term pressure into your life.
Surround yourself with people better than you, EVERY SINGLE DAY! 


Yay! My new eBook is out.
Every month, for the past 4 months, I have been releasing an illustrated book of one of my twitter threads.
So far, I have released one on Leadership, Managing Time, Mistakes I made in my 20s.

And here is the latest one
Mistakes I made in my 30s

Yet again, I have partnered with the immensely talented Shreya Shah, who through her illustrations weaves magic every single time. She deserves all the credit for this book. Do me a favor and write to her to tell her how awesome she is. She is available on

As always, if you wish to check out the books that I am reading, here is the Amazon link to all my book recommendations


If I can’t trust you, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.
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Asking for help isn't giving up.
It is refusing to give up!
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I wish everyone listened less to their fears and more to their dreams.
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Comparing yourself to others is the biggest waste of time
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Life isn't about being busy.
It is about living it!
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Last week I asked all of you to choose between
1. Work for 5 days a month and get paid 50% of your current salary
2. Work for 30 days a month (no holidays) and get paid 200% of your current salary

An overwhelming majority (~75%) opted for option 1.
Most quoted reason was - because it will give me time to do the things that I care about and also make some side income to fill up for the remaining 50%

For those who opted for Option 2, their most quoted reason was - I will do this for a few years and then either never work again or opt for option 1! 
How convenient :)

I think the answer depends on where you are in life. 
Personally for me, at the age of 40, I would any day sign up for option 1. It is a no-brainer. The 50% that I will earn is more than enough to pay for my needs. And I will use the rest of the time to pay for my desires. 
Do things that make me happy. Do things that I always wanted to do. Do things that had been pushed out all these years. 

But if I were 23, then the choice wouldn't be so obvious. 
Option 2 will take me to financial freedom faster and that freedom will allow me to make choices later in life. 
It also will be a function of how much I love my work.
There were some who responded that they love their work so much that for them option 2 is like the best of all worlds!
How awesome is that!

A lot of you wrote in to say that this question made them think a lot. 
That is the intention of these polls. I am glad :)


Which one will you choose and why?
1. Go back and change the past
2. See the future (but you can't change it)

Let me know :)

Until next Friday, 
stay awesome
stay focused

- warikoo

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