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Hey everyone

Welcome to this edition of warikoo Wanderings. I have been overwhelmed with the feedback I have received. Most people love the format, some of you shared some terrific changes that I have considered. Overall, it is so humbling to see the reaction. 

If you do have something to share, simply reply to this email. It comes directly to me and I will try and answer everyone. 

Let's get started :)

How you win matters (a lot)

I play tennis every day. I am an amateur and I play with amateurs.
It is interesting then to see how people perceive winning.
Some of my team members play to win. They will send the ball to the weaker player in the opposition (we mostly play doubles), they will always play cautiously and never hit hard, they will fight to win.
And some play to improve. They will take the risks. They will send the ball to the stronger opposition player. And they wouldn't worry if they lose, as long as they improve.

And that is so true for life as well.

Professionals can only win if they are better than their opponents.
Roger Federer can only win if he is better than his opposition. 
At that level, that is the only criteria.

Amateurs, on the other hand, win because their opposition isn't so good. 
When they win, it isn't so much because they won. It is because the other side lost.

Is that really winning then?
Are we better off not trying to win against amateurs, instead trying to improve?

I tweeted about this and got a lot of extreme reactions
If you play to win, you may or may not improve.
If you play to improve, you will win one day.

What is your take on this?

Book(s) I am currently reading

Notice the (s) after book?
Humble brag! :))

For the first time in my life, I am reading 3 books simultaneously. 

And I am quite surprised that it is quite fun. I frankly didn't think it would be.
Something always told me - read a book at one time, so that you devote yourself to it.

But something about the diversity of the topic is working wondrously for my mind. 

Crashing Through by Robert Kurson
It is a breathtaking story of Robert, blind since the age of 3, who led a fascinating life as an inventor, entrepreneur, even the CIA, until in 1999 he learnt that a surgery could get back his vision.
And the book documents that journey. 

Actionable Gamification by Yu-kai Chou
If you have ever wondered how the best games, even social media networks have you all hooked onto their platform through this fancy thing called "gamification" then this book takes it to the next level. So much to learn from it. 

Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger
The autobiography of Bob, the longest serving CEO of the Disney Company. What a ride. What a crazy ride. Loved the highs and lows. A reminder yet again that people up there do not have different problems. They just have the same problems at a bigger scale!

A video that touched a chord

I am a big fan of Zakir Khan (the comic). 
While at nearbuy, I was clear that if we ever signed up a celeb for an endorsement we will start with him. 
And it did happen - he made three immensely successful ad films for us.

What I love about him is that he is an underdog. No one expected him to win. Small town. Hindi speaking. Average looks. No air around him.
But that is his strength. His stories are so relatable.
When I met him, I found him to be exactly the same person on screen and off screen. 
That to me is so admirable.

So when he dropped this video, announcing 4 new shows with Amazon Prime, I LOVED the first half of the video.
Made me teary-eyed.

When I see underdogs win, it makes my cry. 
I think I will soon share a list of movies that made me cry :)

A quote I found interesting

A year from now you will wish you had started today.
Start today.

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An interesting person I met recently
Last week I had a call with Aditi Chaurasia and Mayank Singh. 
They are a couple and founders of EngineerBabu, a software development outfit, based out of Indore.

When I was first introduced to Aditi, I loved her energy and ambition. With Mayank, they want to create a Google out of a Tier2 city in India. 

Today, they have a lot of enviable clients, mostly international, and their business is one of those that have been positively impacted because of the lockdown. 

So what they are struggling with, understandably, is around people management, remote working, upskilling people rapidly. Classic challenges of a startup. 

It is impressive though how far they have come along. And I think they might be onto something big and exciting. 

There is so much smartness in this world. On a daily basis I am humbled because of my interactions.

That's it for this week.
If there is anything you wish me to share or speak on, do let me know (just reply to this email).

Until next week, god bless and have a wonderful weekend all of you :))


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