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Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be (finally) launching my newsletter. 

Every Friday, warikoo Wanderings will hit your inbox, covering 5 things from my life. 
The idea is to give you a sneak peek into my life and for me to form a direct connect with you, beyond a social media platform's algorithm.

So let's get started.

One thing that was on my mind, this week
The launch of the 2nd edition of the Future Founders Conference.

When I quit as the CEO of nearbuy last October, I also said goodbye to my salary. And here is one of the world's worst kept secret - I am not rich!
When I say that, most people go, "LIAR! You are an investor. You have to be rich!"
"No. I have investments in startups but that doesn't generate cash on a monthly basis. I do not have any bank balance. All the money I saved was invested in nearbuy and in other startups."

So I turned to corporate talks and coaching, to create that income stream, when I quit nearbuy. 
And that worked wonderfully well.
Tadaaaa...COVID happened.
Motivating, coaching and mentoring people was the last thing on an organization's mind when the lockdown started. 
They had to get their own state in order. 

So, starting March, I had savings for less than 4 months of runway (ma kasam!)
And I had to find another income stream.

One fine morning, while meditating, I asked myself, could I take courses online? 
I have experiences to share. People seem to give me some bit of their attention. 
Is it possible I can add value to people's lives and monetize that value?

With that started the online courses that I have conducted in the past 3 months. 
5,378 individuals (as of this morning) have gone through my courses. 
Most of them have paid what they wanted to pay to attend.

And the most popular course amongst all the courses was the Future Founders Conference.
Where I took individuals who want to startup at some point, through the journey of starting up. 
In a no-jargon-no-holds-barred manner. Just plain truth. Direct from the horse's mouth.

The 2nd edition of the FFC was launched last Friday.
1,989 people attended the live session! 
That's like an actual conference. Some 2,000 odd people live, together, 
And the joy of engaging with such a vibrant crowd makes me so so happy. 

So this was it - the FFC was on my mind this week :)

My favorite part of the day
Is when I get up and take 30 mins to do so.

Most of us use an alarm to get up. 
And the alarm is the world's way to impose itself on us.
"Time to get up."
"Time to check your mails"
"Time to check your feed"
"Time to exercise"
"Time to get ready"
"Time to join the class or the Zoom call"

The joy of getting up and taking time to get up, is such a privilege.

I get up, sip a glass of water as if I am sipping wine (as if I know what it is to sip wine. It sounds fancy saying it!)
Just thinking.
The world has not woken up yet.
I am by myself, with the birds, the wind, the sky.
No one rushing me up.

A video I absolutely love
Each time I feel discouraged or lack a feeling of purpose in my work, I always always always refer to this video.
Why should we go to Mars?

This video gives me goosebumps. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
And if you want to get the essence of it, watch from 2:57 onwards

Talking of videos
I was watching some old videos of mine (narcissistic, much!) and saw the Season 1 Final Episode of warikoo Wednesdays.
Frankly, it made me feel quite good. 
The music is catchy, the themes are still relevant and I look young :)

An interesting quote
An excuse is the distance between where you are and where you could have been. 

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An interesting person I met recently
Tulasi Krishna.
I do not know Tulasi. Just remember his name as someone who engages with my content frequently.

On June 30th, I get an email from him with the title "DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE LOSING MILLIONS ON QUORA?"
I recognize the name. And the subject line catches my attention. 
I open up the email to find a passionate commentary on how I should not ignore Quora, after having spent so much time on it (I was in the Global Top 100 most followed people on Quora from 2013-17).

Honestly, I do not care about Quora anymore. But I cared a lot about Tulasi's passion around it and his conviction that I should be spending time on it. 
Just that I don't have the time.
So I proposed something instead.
Why don't you, Tulasi, manage my Quora account for a month? 
And see if anything comes out of it. 

So as of this moment, Mr. Tulasi Krishna is managing my Quora account. We catch up every Tuesday to track the performance and I love the fact that he asked. 
If you don't ask, the answer is always no :))

See our emails so far
That's it for this week.
Catch you all next Friday.

Until then, feel free to share your feedback and thoughts.

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