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Pollinator Declines
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Pollinator Declines

Domestichoney bees hives are down by 59% compared to 60 years ago with rapid declines over the last forty years. This long term decline was punctuated by recent average losses of 30% perwinter since 2006. The populations of some native bee species may also be declining.
Varroa mite parasitizing bee. Thought to be one of the major factors contributing to hive losses.
Researchers believe that long term honey bee declines are a result of a complex set of factors. The primary suspects are:
  • poor nutrition
  • pesticides
  • pathogens/ parasites
  • poor quality genetic stock
Pollinators became a hot topic when thousands of hives in the US were found strangely empty starting in 2006. Since then, nationwide surveys have found that beekeepers lose approximately one third of their colonies each winter. The losses in 2006 were attributed to "Colony Collapse Disorder," where collapsed colonies still had a queen and some young bees, but most of the adult bee population disappeared [17]. Since 2006, colonies losses have continued, but beekeepers have attributed these losses to factors other than Colony Collapse Disorder. However, the outbreak of Colony Collapse Disorder in 2006 served to bring international attention to long term, pervasive declines in honey bees and other pollinators.

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May 21, 1pm
Environmental Benefits of Organic Agriculture: Energy & Climate Change WEBINAR

May 25

Memorial Day
PCO Office Closed
Spring Mills, PA

May 30, 10am
Spring Walk in the Organic Orchard
Oyler's Organic Farm & Market
Biglerville, PA

June 2
Farming With Beneficial Insects: Organic Pest Control
Kutztown, PA

June 11
Malting Barley Field Day
Russel Larson Research Farm
PA Furnace, PA
June 18
PCO Adopt-A-Highway
Centre County, PA to sign up

June 24
Pastured Swine Nutrition
Kutztown, PA
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July 3

PCO Office Closed
Spring Mills, PA

PA Organic FarmFest & PCO Member Meeting!

August 7 & 8
Grange Fairgrounds
Centre Hall, PA
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Plastic Recycling! I am taking in the following plastics for packaging and selling into the recycling industry.
  • clear and white shrink wrap (separated)
  • white bale wrap
  • black/white bunker covers and ag bags
  • super sacks
  • plastic feed bags
  • water softener salt bags
  • plastic baler twine (no net wrap at this time)
  • greenhouse covers, pots, trays
  • no hard plastics, mulch plastic, or drip tape
All plastics must be kept separate, as they are not all made of the same chemicals. PLEASE keep these clean and dry!
Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, ideas and or to make a delivery appointment. Please no unscheduled drop-offs! Thank you!
Justin Geisinger
8445 Nyesville Rd Chambersburg, Pa 17202 (located just outside of Orrstown)

69 acre certified organic grass fed beef farm. Owners are looking for someone to pick up the soul of this farm and improve on it as only a younger person/s can do.
Included is a 23.5 KW Solar system, a full line of farm machinery, and a closed herd (for 20 years) of 55 beef cattle that have been acclimated,  bred, and thrive on this farm. Third party certifications on this farm are PCO, AWA and AGA. A five bedroom brick/frame house, barn and out buildings are situated on this Central Pennsylvania Conservancy preserved farm. Owner financing as well as mentoring can be negotiated, so that this farm can continue to provide nourishing food to a growing group of loyal customers. Owners make hay on  some 80 acres of certified organic hay fields nearby for winter forage. 
Contact Information: or 717-536-3618

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