Hello everyone! I don’t know about you but I love the summer; I love the longer days and the fresh fruits and barbecues. To me, it isn’t summer until I have my first hamburger straight off the grill. Yumm!!

What I also love about summer are the great books that come out, and I’m happy to say that One Step Further is set to come out right before the Fourth of July Weekend. I hope you grab your copy, settle down with your fruity drink of choice and read the story of how fan favorite Alex Stern realizes he can have it all, but only with the right man. And that man is Rafe, our caring veterinarian, whom we got a little taste of in Memories of the Heart.

There will be a Facebook party to celebrate Alex and Rafe’s story on June 28th with some very special authors and prizes, so please stay tuned!

What’s Up Next?

I have plans for you all!! I am hard at work on a new series about three men who have been friends for years. Lovers come and go, but friendship stays forever. How they each find love and who they fall in love with sometimes puts them at odds with themselves and one another but in the end, as you know, they will get their Happily Ever After. The first book in The Breakfast Club series is called Beyond the Surface and is the story of fashion designer Julian Cornell and his lost love found, fireman Nick Fletcher. The scheduled release is in August, 2015

In the coming weeks there will be chances to win ARCs of this book, so stay tuned. I’ll leave you for this month with a teaser from Beyond the Surface.

“What’s wrong? You’re pale and shaking.”

Nick opened his mouth to speak, but found he couldn’t talk. His body was wracked with shivers, and sweat poured off him.

When would this fucking ride end? It must be half an hour already that they were in this rattling, groaning death box.

It shuddered to a halt, and Julian slid the door to the side, opening the elevator up directly into his apartment.

“Come with me.”

Without protest, Nick allowed himself to be led to the sofa. Julian settled down next to him, placed a throw over him and took his hand, rubbed it in between his palms. Nick was so cold and Julian was so very warm.

Pain rose within him, clenching his chest and throat, making it hard to breathe. He wanted to curl up underneath the blanket and stay here, on this sofa, with Julian holding his hand forever.

“Nick,” said Julian, his voice hesitant. “Talk to me?”

But Nick didn’t want to talk. He’d been talking for forever to his therapist. The coldness never left him and he almost broke apart sitting there, next to Julian. He wanted to be normal again; to walk around and see the beauty in life and be free of the suffocating fear, guilt, and loneliness.

His eyes met Julian’s, watched the heat and desire kindle and flame in those green eyes that haunted his dreams, and without thinking, Nick cupped the nape of Julian’s neck and pulled him close, their lips barely touching. “No talking.” Without waiting for a response, he crushed his mouth over Julian’s.

That’s it folks! You can always find me hanging out somewhere on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. I even have a Tumblr where you might find me slightly obsessed with kissing pictures and GIFs.

Happy Reading!

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