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Happy New Year!!


I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season. I had a lovely trip to Florida, ate way to much good food and now am ready to start the new year fresh. I try not to make resolutions but instead set goals. My goal is the gym 4 times a week, write the books I want to write. NO FEAR!

I'm starting to use a happiness jar. Take a slip of paper and every day (or almost) write down something good that happened. Then at the end of the year, take out all the papers and see what made you happy.

Kindle Fire


Here are the winners of the Kindle Fire!
Kim Hay 
Linda Moffit

Please email me at and I will get those Kindles out to you!!

In case you were wondering, here are the answers to the questions

In A Walk Through Fire, what is the name of the clinic that Drew starts with his friends? The Audrey and Maxwell Klein Home Away From home clinic
  1. In The Arrangement, what is Reed’s father’s name?  Walter
  2. In Rescued, What is Liam’s girlfriend’s name? Courtney
The Arrangement

The Arrangement

Now out in audiobook narrated by the always amazing Charlie David!! The purchase links are here:


And because you're all such wonderful supporters, Charlie and I have teamed up to offer you all something special. Read Charlie's bio below to claim your special gift!

Charlie David narrated the audiobook of The Arrangement.  Charlie David started a production company, Border2Border Entertainment which specializes in gay content and in the audiobook world he’s narrated over 25 M/M books.  

Charlie is also an actor and director who focuses on sharing LGBTQ stories.  From documentaries to feature films and digital series he follows his curiosity to discover and share compelling work.  That’s included male strippers, time travel, love stories and motorcycles.  They all up the heart rate! 

Sign up for Charlie David’s newsletter and select ‘Felice Stevens’ from the dropdown menu of ‘How did you find me?’.  Charlie will mail you a signed photo and send you an email with a link to try one of his shows for free.  Gay TV, for free?  Sign me up!

Sign up link:
One Step Further
Alex Stern has it all; good looks, charm, a job he loves and everyone calls him a friend. 
A Walk Through Fire
Years after running away from an abusive foster family, Asher Davis still struggles with the guilt of leaving his foster brothers behind.

Please Don't Go

Please Don't Go

My story from the It Was Always You Anthology, is now available on Amazon and KU. Paul and Danny's story has been re-edited and has over 5,000 words of new content.




Through hope and fear they rediscover each other and the strength of their love.

Ryder Daniels and Jason Mallory seem to have it all but even the most loving marriage takes work. Ryder's past leads him to remain silent yet resentful in the face of conflict while Jason strives to prove he can take care of his family without Ryder's wealth, even if it costs him precious time with his husband and daughter.

When a devastating illness leaves them shaken and helpless, Ryder is forced to face the one person he never thought to see again with a life or death request that even he isn't sure will be granted, but his decisions have far-reaching consequences. Believing he and Ryder have no secrets, Jason is distraught to discover otherwise, revealing yet another crack in their once-perfect relationship.

Adrift and uncertain, both struggle to hold onto a love previously thought unshakeable. A forbidden past is exposed, shocking Ryder to the core, but it means little without Jason by his side. Marriage is a partnership and both men must learn that only by working through their pain and heartbreak together can they achieve a lifetime of love.
There's no turning back on each other... or their love.
What Lies Between Us
In the end there is no yours or mine... there's only ours
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