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This summer will prove to be a very busy one for me. Even though my daughter is graduating college in May and my son graduates high school in June, I have not stopped writing!

I figured for my first newsletter I would tell you what I’ve got up my sleeve for the summer….and maybe beyond.

May 26th Embrace the Fire, the final book of the Best Selling series, Through Hell and Back releases. Initially it will be available only on Loose Id’s website, but it will come to All Romance Ebooks and Amazon a day or so afterwards.

Embrace the Fire is the story of the final brother, the youngest Brandon, who we have heard about but never met. He meets and has an instant attraction to the older Dr. Tash Weber, who you might remember from After the Fire, as Jordan’s therapist. What follows is a story of instant attraction, family struggles and ultimately the sweetest of reunions. All your favorites will be there from the previous books and we even have a surprise visit from a fan favorite from Rescued.

Here is a little snippet:

In that darkening light of the kitchen, it seemed the most natural thing, standing with Tash in his arms, for Brandon to kiss him. It started out as a sweet kiss of comfort, soft lips barely touching, bodies loose and cool. But, as Tash’s mouth moved with increasing fervor over his, unaccustomed desire flared hot and deep within Brandon, awakening a firestorm in his blood. He groaned deep in his throat.

Their mouths slanted across each other as their hunger rose. It grew into something fierce and almost primitive within Brandon. He molded his body flush up against Tash’s, feeling every bump and curve of the man, including his rock hard erection. He moaned against Tash’s mouth, unashamed of the intensity of his outburst. This was what he’d been missing. Every fumbling kiss, every hesitant touch prior to this moment now seemed pallid, unremarkable, and forgettable.

This was the magic.

The teasing flicker of Tash’s tongue was everywhere; first in Brandon’s ear, then tracing the seam of his lips. Tash’s lips trailed hot and wet along Brandon’s jaw, sucking at his neck, only to return to once again capture Brandon’s mouth. This wasn’t a kiss; Brandon was consumed.

Brandon clutched at Tash’s shoulders and pushed his tongue into Tash’s eagerly waiting mouth where it was greedily accepted. For several moments they remained plastered together, hips rocking and tongue-fucking each other until Tash groaned and wrenched away, his eyes shining fever-bright in the last vestiges of the twilight streaming in through the window.

They both stood, chest heaving as if coming off a grueling race, neither one breaking eye contact with the other. Tash’s reddened mouth gleamed as he rubbed his bottom lip with a finger.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have allowed that to happen.”

In late June the spin off of Memories of the Heart will release. It will be my second self published novel.  One Step Further is the story of Alex Stern and Rafe Hazelton. Their story ranges from funny to bittersweet.

Here’s a little excerpt:

Rafe headed for his apartment in Brooklyn, rather than Alex’s in the city because he knew there was a garage right near him and his building had an elevator. The last thing he wanted to do in the early morning hours was lug a big, drunk man up three flights of stairs. 

Instead, after dropping the car off and dragging the bags out, as well as a giggling totally wasted Alex, Rafe had to lead him down the block and into the elevator of his own building, shhing him, hoping he didn’t wake the neighbors.

“Mmm. You’re all cute and sexy when you’re annoyed.” Alex flatted Rafe against the elevator wall.

“Makes me want to fuck you.”

“Everything makes you want to fuck me.”

Alex stopped to think, his brow furrowed and scratched his head. “Well yeah, but that’s cause you’re so fucking cute.” He cackled with laughter. “Get it?”
Rafe shook his head in disgust. “You’re drunk. Let’s get you inside. I’ll give you some aspirin and put you into the shower.”

“Only if you take it with me, baby.” 

The door slid open and Rafe tugged Alex and their bags to his apartment. He threw the bags inside after opening the door and turned on the light.
“Ow, that’s bright.” Holding his hand over his eye, Alex winced.
Ignoring him, Rafe went to his bathroom and got the aspirin and after pouring a glass of water, handed both of them to Alex. To his surprise, Alex didn’t protest, merely took the aspirin and washed it down. 

“Come.” Rafe took his hand and led him to the shower. “Take your shower. Use any towel.

“You’re leaving me here alone? What if I skip and fall?” Alex pouted. “You know, most household accidents happen in the shower.”

A twinge of guilt hit Rafe. “All right he grumbled. “But no funny business. This is strictly a get clean shower.”

Alex blinked. “Of course.”

Yeah right. As soon as they got naked and under the water, Alex tried to grope him. But Rafe didn’t want a drunk Alex. He knew Alex took the expensive bottle of scotch from his father as a final “fuck you” to the man who couldn’t stand the sight of him. And Rafe didn’t want to be any part of that.

“Alex. let me clean the sand out of your ass.”

Alex kissed his neck. “You always say the sweetest things, baby.”

Even Rafe couldn’t help but smile

I have a new series planned!

The series is called The Breakfast Club and revolves around three friends, Julian, Zach and Marcus, who met in college and through all their business deals and love affairs they always make sure to carve out time for themselves. Once again it takes place in New York City and the first couple is Julian Cornell, a gay fashion designer and a closeted FDNY firefighter, Nick Fletcher. The book is tentatively called Beyond the Surface. Don’t tell the other guys, but these two are stealing my heart….

Sweet, quiet Zach will be the next book and Marcus the devilish man-whore is the final book.

If all goes as planned, there will be an August release for Beyond the Surface. If I survive! 

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Happy Reading!

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