Dear Dahlia Drivers,


You are receiving this inaugural DAHLIA’S DRIVE  because I have your email;  lucky you.  The Dahlia’s Drives’ drive is to present new ideas, projects, explorations and/or products once a month.


This month I am driving the new Dahlia Drive web site!


I am really excited about the format of this website.  I love the opening of the screen images; lines and figures that have been the foundation of my work for the past 8 years. I really enjoyed telling the stories of some of the clothing in STYLES, an aspect of live selling that I have always loved.  The PROCESS shows the dance of creating one piece, a dance that is hard to explain but has been captured wonderfully by Lara at Randomlink Interactive Inc.  Finally, the HOW TO’S provides Dahlia Driven women with a quick reminder of how different styles can be worn.  


 I have found the task of navigating social media uberwhelming and so, with the help of my web master, have reduced the Dahlia Drive platform to three streams: website for inspiration, process, calendar, product and sales (through ETSY); Facebook for client representation (pictures), everyday process/product shots and textile news events; and Twitter for up to the minute documentation of live events.  


Please send me your response to the website including glitches and loves. If you are a Dahlia Drive client and have a picture of yourself in your piece, please send it to me. I will post it on Facebook and then you can Like it!  I just figured out how to TAG correctly. 


All in all, whether you continue to receive Dahlia’s Drive or own a Dahlia Drive piece, have a wonderful day and thank you for being you. 




(the dahlia in the drive)

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