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Dahlia Drive’s DNA

pre-programmed procreation 

Back through the loins of the loins of the loins to the first woman who gave birth and forward through the survival of my son’s ancestors (including me and Sandy) and the survival of  my daughter in law’s ancestors (most recently hailing from Ireland) arrives another composite of genetic wonder: Kennedy Alexandra Cochrane.  Not from stork or cabbage, she emerged from a ball of yarn as any respectful descendant of a textile artist would.

Oh my heart. 
This tiny segment of DNA mapping in the continuum of our species does not require as much of my creative energy as did the last 2; as a matter of fact, I had nothing to do with Kennedy’s making but still have a ¼ hand in her results!  As Grandma I sip, savour and swoon over this bundle of love; basking in her willing submission to blissfully sleep on my chest and witnessing her instinctual knowledge of nursing, joining the dominion of all mammals for thousands of years.  I am in wonder of her perfect hands and feet, recognizing with greater clarity my humble place in this chain. I offer support to her proud and beautiful parents, encouraging them to trust their own imbedded instincts.  They are wonderful to witness.

When I first heard Kelsey and Russell were pregnant, I saw my son as pictured below left.   Below right was reality.

My son is a Father and a wonderful man.
Other than Grandmaing, my surplus creative juices have been busily preparing for the one and only market Dahlia Drive is participating in this season at Circle Craft, November 11-16 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Center.  Please come and support my Masset habit.

Here are a few new things and their stories:

The Bacteria Bubble
Continuing from the curtains from Outbreak, I have made a bacteria jumper out of recycled cloth from Our Social Fabric.  Once sewn, I bleach out areas of “light” as from flashlight and magnify delicious looking microbes.  They have delightful personalities.  Besides the germ/slide/magnified aspect which attracts me, I continue to be interested in what lies underneath the surface layer of what we see.  
“Spring is Around the Corner”
I love this Lotus.  A splash of green spring so fresh you can almost smell it and a flash of  sun kissed  dots brings this black, grey and white winter to life. (Shown here on Kimonos)

And below is my spring, summer, winter and fall all wrapped up into heaven. NFS.

Back to my Masset home November 21.  Much love to you all this Remembrance Day.


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