A 2h taster workshop to learn about original dancing to Blues music - solo & partnered !
OPEN ROLE registration: Be prepared to lead & follow!

with Emilie
2 hours (1h solo / 1h partnered*)
17:00 - 19:00

(Blues Roots Practica 20:00 - 22:00 afterwards)

Brückenkopfgasse 2, 8020 Graz

 Freiwillige Spende / Voluntary Donation
OPEN ROLE REGISTRATION (be prepared to lead & follow)
Please note: indoor danceshoes are required at the Tango-Baustelle
+ 10,-€ Mitgliedsbeitrag (einmalig zu zahlen)/membership fee (
paid once a lifetime)*
Anmeldung notwendig / registration required:
Dancing is a physical interpretation of the music and blues music is some of the most subtle, sensual and expressive music. It is not so much in the extravagant movements as the power of stillness within movement. This "Blues Roots" workshop aims to show where the dance came from, and rediscover ways of how people danced to Blues music. It isn’t a dance to “show off”, it’s a dance where you can truly be yourself, a place you can share or keep within.

In this 2 hour taster you will learn basic concepts that you can incorporate in solo and partnered dancing of all styles, to relax within the music, as well as obtain a comfortable and save frame to develop your personal style.

With the solo blues module, you will develop some basic feelings for dancing to blues which you can develop in any direction you want. We will explore body isolation, relaxation and the yin/yang or gentle / strong ideas.
With the couples module, we will discuss respect within the partnership and proper frame. Once the foundation is set, you can do anything you want within the music, you can create moments with a person within the stillness of this dance.

Blues Roots is almost magical in its approach to dancing, because it doesn’t disassociate other styles. It rather allows to incorporate them, through which, coupled with the freedom of choice, a dancer can be completely enveloped within this dance. One can truly feel free within the wild abandon that blues dancing can bring.

*wer den Mitgliedsbeitrag schon einmal gezahlt hat, muss ihn nicht noch einmal zahlen/if you've paid the fee once you don't have to pay it again for any classes/workshops
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