Guest Teacher Series: Tina & Luka
Guest Teacher Series


mit Tina & Luka (SLO)
3 Montage:
14.01., 21.01. & 28.01.19

18:15-19:30 Intermediates
19:45-21:00 Intermediate/Advanced

im Keplergymnasium,
Keplerstraße 1, 8020 Graz

Unkostenbeitrag: 30,-€
+ 10,-€ Mitgliedsbeitrag (einmalig zu zahlen
fixe Anmeldungen: Anmeldeformular
(Deadline: 12.01.19)

Intermediate: Ihr solltet zumindest einen Intermediate-Workshop der Lindy Cats oder gleichwertige Workshops besucht haben. Voraussetzungen sind: Triple Steps, Basics in 6count (Send Out, Bring In, Side Pass) und 8count (Swing Out, Lindy Turn, Circle).

Intermediate-Advanced: Ihr solltet zumindest einen Intermediate/Advanced-Workshop der Lindy Cats oder gleichwertige Workshops besucht haben. Ihr tanzt seit mindestens 1,5 Jahren regelmäßig Lindy Hop und besucht auch regelmäßig Workshops. Außerdem nehmt ihr auch an dem einen oder anderen internationalen Lindy Hop-Festival teil.

Die Trainer_innen:
Luka Ravnjak teaches swing since 2011. He is mostly teaching regular classes in Maribor and at several swing festivals in Slovenia and abroad (Italia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic etc.). He teaches regularly Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa and on workshops he has already taught St. Louis Shag, Boogie Woogie, East Coast swing and Solo Charleston. For a few years now he is also a very appreciated swing DJ, taking care of swing dancers with his wide-spread knowledge of Jazz music. For three years he was a part of the swing dance performance group Retronom from Ljubljana with which he participated in competitions: the Savoy Cup - France and Como - Italy. With his positive energy, he is known as one of the funniest among swing teachers and dancers. 
Tina Maroh started swing dancing in the beginning of 2017. Being eager to learn she took a lot of regular classes, workshops and international swing festivals. She took lessons on Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Solo Jazz and St. Louis Shag. In 2018 she started to teach regular classes in Lindy Hop and monthly workshops (Charleston, Lindy Hop). For the last year she organized swing events for The SwingBrats and has organized swing events in other local communities trying to spread swing dance and swing music. 
In 2018 Luka and Tina started to teach together regular classes and workshops and trying to share their knowledge, love and craziness for swing dance.
*wer den Mitgliedsbeitrag schon einmal gezahlt hat, muss ihn nicht noch einmal zahlen
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