Start making small changes in your family's diet and celebrate successes!
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Change Your Diet, Change Your Family
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Focus on the Positive!

Small Changes Quickly Add up

Transforming your family's health and improving children's behavior and school performance is a process. It doesn't happen overnight! It's important to start with small steps and celebrate your progress. We've definitely had some bumps along the way, and I've had some days were I questioned whether it was worth the effort. Thankfully, my husband is ever the optimist and would help me refocus by reminding me how far we'd all come on my down days. In the grand scheme of things, the set backs were minor and the positive change was much greater.

This year I have decided to do a better job of keeping track of all of our little successes. We have a "Success Jar" that we are filling up with short notes to record our accomplishments, positive changes, and improvements. I added one for my daughter this week because she was able to fight a cold in less than one day.  She had a sore throat and 102 degree fever one evening that went down without medication in a couple of hours, and she felt better the next morning. Wow, that's a big change in her immune system functioning! My teenage son added to our a jar a note that he was able to spend 10 hours at a friend's house who had pets on New Year's Eve. In the past, his pet allergies and asthma made this impossible. He wouldn't have been able to go to the party.

I challenge each of you to start your own "Success Jar" this year. Start making some changes and record the positive results. Then you can pull them out to read whenever you need encouragement.  Make sure to check out my facebook posts. I'll share some more of ours along the way too.

Need some help getting the momentum of change started for your family?  Sign-up for my free webinar "Change Your Diet, Change Your Family" to learn more about my family's transformation and some tips to get started with your family. We can also set-up a  free consultation to talk through your health goals for your and how I can help you create a plan to achieve them.

Happy New Year!

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