Tips for school lunches with lots of recipe links!
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Easy, Healthy Packable Food

Let's face it school lunch programs don't provide the best lunches for kids.  With a few exceptions, most schools serve highly processed, food-like products for lunch that are loaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial dyes, pesticides, and white starchy carbs lacking much nutritional value.  If you interested in working for change in your schools, check out the Healthy Schools Campaign or Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution program. In the meantime, most of us need to pack lunches to ensure that our kids have good options especially if our kids have food allergies or sensitivities. 

It doesn't have to be difficult though.  It just takes a little bit of planning and preparation to provide healthy options for your kids.The basic rule of thumb that I follow for lunches is to pack a fruit, veggie, and protein source each day, and sometimes I add-in some fun dips (guacamole, vinaigrette dressing, fruit dip, or Sun-butter).  For a special treat, I might even add-in a special homemade baked treat such as a banana muffin or a slice of flatbread.  These are not an everyday item, but are fun to add-in if I have some leftovers. We use LunchBot containers for the kids lunches to avoid plastic.  I also love these silicone containers for sending dried fruit, frozen yogurt, or applesauce.

Here's some of our favorite main components:

Apple slices (a little bit of lemon juice keeps them from browning)
Berries (Packed with antioxidants!)
Kiwi Slices
Dried Fruit (Raisins, Apricots, Cranberries, Banana chips)
Orange Slices
Fermented Applesauce

Carrots sticks
Cucumber slices
Spinach leaves with dressing
Kale Chips
Frozen Peas (They thaw in time for lunch)
Celery with SunButter
Green Beans (My kids like them cold)

Hard Boiled Eggs (Deviled Eggs for an extra special treat!)
Leftover beef or pork roast, cut-up chicken
Homemade Veggie Meatballs (I make large batches of these and freeze them.
High Quality Lunch Meat slices (This is our favorite Turkey from Costco)

Happy Lunch Packing!


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