How changing my diet transformed my life!
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My Personal Transformation

Changing my diet has changed my life!

My health journey began as an attempt to heal my kids, but the biggest transformation has probably been in my own health. While I hadn't ever been diagnosed with a chronic illness, I don't remember ever feeling well. My parents often jokingly referred to me as a "snot nosed" kid and frequently tell stories about my knack for puking in the worst possible situations including down the inside of my dad's shirt at a restaurant, in another passenger's shoes on an airplane, and in the middle of a busy shopping mall all over the floor. I had such horrible motion sickness that a vomit bag was required for any car trip outside of town. I also had chronic ear infections, rashes, and plantar warts.  In addition, I was clumsy and uncoordinated. My comfort zone was the pool though where I felt safe and enjoyed the refuge from all constant noise and over-stimulation of everyday life. Adolescence brought more symptoms including chronic constipation, headaches, seasonal allergies, extreme menstrual pain, anxiety, and depression. I struggled to regulate my own emotions and became more and more fearful of falling apart in public. At my worst, I had joint pain that made it difficult for me to get out of bed every morning, and I felt completely overwhelmed with managing my physical and mental health struggles along with those of my children.

I was often told by well meaning people that I couldn't possible feel that bad and encouraged to simply be more positive. I tried, and in many ways I succeeded in pretending that everything was ok for many years. The truth was that I had several food intolerances that were wrecking havoc on my gut and digestion, creating inflammation throughout my body, and causing both my physical and mental symptoms. By eliminating problem foods and adding in gut healing foods, everything started to change. My digestive problems cleared up, my joint pain went away, and everyday I felt a little bit better. More at peace and whole. While most of my symptoms were internal and not obvious to those around me, I have had a physical transformation as well. I easily lost a few pounds to return to my ideal weight, but more importantly I no longer have the physical signs of inflammation in my face as you can see in the before and after pictures above. These pictures were taken about 6 months apart. Several people had mentioned that I looked totally different, so I created this side-by-side comparison to see the changes for myself.  I was amazed! Not only did I feel younger and more vibrant, but I also looked that way as well.

I often get asked whether I miss particular foods or told by others that they could never make the changes to their diet that I've made. The truth is that I feel like I have gained so much more than I have given up. I still have some bad days occasionally, but most days I feel good now. I can fully participate in life and have a new found passion for helping others feel better too. If you or a family member is struggling with allergies, weak immune system, sensory challenges, or even an autoimmune disease, there is hope. You can create your own transformation and take your life back. Getting started may seem overwhelming or too difficult.  I'm here to help!  Schedule your Free Health History Consultation today to start your own journey to health and happiness.  What will you gain by taking control of your own health?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Kelly Silvers
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