My personal story of how changing my thinking about food transformed my family.
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Food Matters

Yes, changing your family's health starts with this simple concept!

I have to admit that it took some time for me to truly understand and incorporate this concept into my life.  I wasn't a big fan of cooking except for baking cookies.  I fed my family food that was convenient, cheap, and hassle-free.  While I did at least require that the kids eat some type of fruit or vegetable with every meal, keeping the kids happy and minimizing complaints was at the top of my priority list.  Sound familar?

I got to the point with my pickiest eater that he survived on cheese, flour tortillas, baby carrots, applesauce, and sweet treats.  I figured that we had the basic food groups covered and he remained average weight and height for his age, so it was fine.  The problem was that he developed multiple food and environmental allergies and asthma, and he caught every virus or bug that went around and was becoming more and more socially withdrawn.  I followed the doctors orders including frequent rounds of antibiotics, oral steroids, allergy and asthma medication, removing his tonsils, and allergy injections.  He just got sicker and sicker.

Another one of my children struggled with severe constipation to the point that we ended up at a pediatric GI specialist.  The doctor's recommendation was to give her frequent doses of Miralax indefinitely.  This did relieve her constipation at least somewhat, but I began to believe that there had to be an underlying problem.  After doing some research and discovering that chronic constipation could be a sign of gluten intolerance, we decided to try eliminating it from her diet to see if her digestive problems improved.  Amazingly, they did!  She no longer needed Miralax every day.  Food matters!  I was starting to get it.

Flash forward a a couple of years, and everyone in the family is doing better.  What changed?  We first became food detectives and began to figure out what foods did not work well for each of us, and we transitioned our family's diet to whole foods that nourish our bodies.  By focusing on healing our guts, we have limited the impact of allergies, asthma, anxiety, eczema, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and ADD on our lives.  Yes, we had all of those issues in one family.  Life was stressful and difficult, but our family life is getting better and better each day.

Are you starting to think that maybe food does matter for you and your family?  Schedule an initial consultation today to learn about how we can work together to create a unique path to wellness for you and your family.

Take Care!
Kelly Silvers
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