Back to School Success!
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My daughter on her first day of Kindergarten

Fewer Back to School Worries!

I have to admit that back to school time has always come with a big list of worries for me.  I have the normal worries about whether my kids will like their teachers and make new friends.  However, I had some real fears about whether school was going to be a good experience for my kids.  Last year, I was worried that my new high school student was going to have a difficult time navigating his new school and dealing with his sensory overload.  I worried about an accidental peanut exposure and making sure that he was prepared with an Epi-pen.  I worried whether he would break down and have a panic attack that would trigger his asthma and whether someone would be there to help him.  I worried about him being teased and bullied.  I worried about him not understanding instructions and being afraid to ask questions.  Most of all, I worried about what kind of state he would be in when he got home and whether I was going to be able to help him pick up the pieces.  I had similar concerns for my daughter when I took her to pre-K.  I worried about my sensitive girl being misunderstood and having her feelings hurt.  I worried that she would be too afraid to participate.  I even worried about simple things like whether I would be able to find a pair of shoes that she would wear all morning or whether I would be able to get her to eat anything for breakfast.  For my youngest, I worried most about his behavior.  I worried about him hitting and pushing other children and maybe even seriously hurting someone.  We even decided to move him up with older kids because we were too afraid that he would hurt another child in the toddler room.  I worried whether this was the best choice.  I worried that he would be labeled a bad kid and ostracized by his peers.

This year it's different!  So much has changed with my kids.  The overwhelming feeling at the start of the year is excitement instead of worry.  I am excited to watch my kids grow and have new experiences.  My teen is communicating better and much better able to self-advocate and connect with others.  He can make eye contact and follow a conversation.  He is less anxious and much more confident in his ability to navigate school.  My daughter is excited to start Kindergarten in her new school and ready to fully participate in activities.  My little guy has much better self-control, and I took him back to school this morning without fear.  He bounced right in, ready to be one of the "big kids" in his classroom.  I am also much less worried about all the germs they'll encounter at school.  Yes, they may get sick, but their bodies are much better prepared to handle it.  I know that they will bounce back quickly.

Need some help reducing your back to school worries?  Food can make a difference.  It can be a bit tricky to figure out what foods might be triggering specific issues and actually getting your picky eaters to choose new foods, but I'm here to help you navigate the process and transition to a gut healthy diet that can reduce your child's symptoms.  I've been there as a parent to children with allergies, asthma, sensory processing disorder, communication and attention issues.  Schedule an initial consultation today to learn about how we can work together to create a unique path to wellness for you and your family.

Take Care!
Kelly Silvers
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