Feeding your family nourishing food can be easier than you might think!.
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Time Saving Tips

Get Real Food on the Table Quick!

1.  Keep it Simple - Meals are far from gourmet at my house. I don't even use recipes very often because I just don't have time. My kids need a high protein item and a couple servings of vegetables to make a meal.  That's it!  It doesn't have to be complicated. On a super busy day, that might just be hard boiled eggs and raw veggie sticks with their favorite dip. Another common quick meal for us is hamburger patties with a salad or sauteed peppers and onions. Some days the quick option is a skillet meal.  Simply brown ground meat, add a couple of your favorite veggies and some seasoning, and you have an easy meal in under 20 minutes. Check out my Simple Skillet Meals board for some inspiration. Find a couple of options that you're family enjoys and keep those ingredients on hand for easy weeknight meals.
2.  Fall in Love with Your Crockpot - I have a crockpot running most days. There are lots of great crockpot recipes available that can simplify your meal preparation. I have to admit though that most of the time, I just have a whole chicken or roast in mine. That way I always have meat available to quickly throw together a meal. Plus, limiting the amount of spices and other extras makes it easier to please picky eaters (who can eat it plain or add their choice of seasoning or dips at the table). All I need to do is roast or steam some veggies to have a meal ready. I can also make a simple homemade soup or stew in about 20 minutes by adding some veggies to the broth and meat. 
3.  Cook Once, Eat Twice (or maybe more) - This one is a biggie! Whenever possible, cook in bulk to have leftovers to save for lunches, re-purpose for another meal later in the week, or even freeze to have on hand for a particularly hectic day. Most of the time, my kids take leftovers in their school lunches. This makes my mornings a little less hectic.  Limiting the amount of spices and other extras added to my roast chicken, pork, or beef makes it easier to re-purpose leftovers for another meal.  Roast chicken leftovers can easily become chicken salad the next day without worrying about the family complaining about eating the same thing two days in a row. If you make pancakes on the weekend, make double so that you have some ready for a weekday morning.
4.  Prepare Food Ahead of Time on Weekends (or whatever day that you have more time) - Even a little bit of preparation ahead of time can make the week go much more smoothly. It's helpful to make some hard boiled eggs over the weekend to have ready for snacks or even a meal in a pinch. Pre-wash and chop as much of your produce ahead of time. It's much quicker to do it all at once, plus it will shorten your preparation time for busy weeknight meals.  I also use this time to make large batches of items to freeze for later use. One of my favorite make ahead items is Sneaky Meatballs that are loaded with veggies and can be frozen and served in a variety of ways.

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