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Drones over the Pacific +++ Clipmix +++ Footage inside +++ Good to know

The perfect wave

Growing up in a place like Hawaii with a magic attraction for surfers means getting to know the ocean. And waves. And everything happening on and off the shore. The events and iconic stars of the legendary scene around the “Pipeline” are a home fixture for surfer Eric Sterman and his camera drones.

Eric StermanThe biggest waves in Hawaii break on the north shore of O'ahu in the winter and create perfect conditions for amazing tube rides. Year after year, they attract the best surfers in the world - to compete against one another. The tight-knit community comes together once again, one with its own rules not open to just anybody.
As a North Shore local, Eric Sterman is very much an insider and known by everyone. He is as obsessed with the quest for the perfect wave as everybody else here, but unlike the others, he chases it with drones. Now one of the most celebrated cinematographers in the scene, he shoots for prestigious brands and supplies us with incredible exclusive footage of gigantic waves and conquering heroes.
Having grown up surrounded by natural wonders, he has high expectations when it comes to filming them. Eric travels through the entire Pacific region with his unmanned aerial systems and brings us the most beautiful waves, beaches and landscapes in HD and 4K. He also takes us to the dream weddings of friends and right through displays of exploding fireworks.
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Last year, Framepool had a role in the Budweiser spot – shown in the world’s most expensive advertising space. We look forward to seeing what treats you have in store for your customers this year!

Watch out for a Super Bowl super spot with Framepool “footage inside” in the next issue of our newsletter. We wish you the best of success!


New perspectives from the City of Lions

As our new cooperation with our partner in China takes flight, we proudly present you with aerials from Singapore. Our licensors at Flyht Studio are true high-flyers in their home city: their drones fly at dizzying heights above “Lion City” and look down on sites most people will know only from looking up at them, for example the enormous man-made “supertrees” portrayed here.
Singapore + Aerials

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The robots are on the loose

The topic of robots and artificial intelligence was in strong demand last year, and the trend seems likely to continue unbroken in 2017. From the beginnings of robotics right up to today’s cutting-edge research, you will find all the inspiration and illustrations you need in our webshop.

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Perpetually in demand: strong women

The ongoing struggle of women to assert their position in a male-dominated world and gain equal rights in modern society is a topic – if ever there was one – which seems unlikely to go away anytime soon. The issue has been generating powerful images since the history of film began. We have campaigners for women’s rights in our archive – from the suffragettes to FEMEN.

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F****** – Footage is no longer a dirty word


In “The Queen of Spain”, Penélope Cruz stars as Macarena Granada, an actor returning to her native place as a Hollywood queen to make a film about Spanish queen Isabella I. The tragicomedy written and directed by Fernando Trueba is a sequel to Trueba’s “The Girl of Your Dreams” (1998) and will premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. Framepool-Footage inside!
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Good to know – backdrop licenses


If you want your characters to watch television, say something like a sports event, then the rights to the players, team or stadium have to be cleared – if the players, team or stadium are recognizable – just as they would have to be cleared if the footage were to be shown filling the entire screen. Note:
  • As all the royalties and licences for films within films have to be cleared in just the same way as footage destined for direct use in a film, the rights clearance costs are identical.
  • The fees for the third-party rights will depend on the individual rights holders; they may well be lower if the rights-holders prove accommodating.
  • As a rule of thumb, backdrop licence fees are lower when the footage takes up less than half of the screen in the film.
If you don’t need a particular scene to be recognizable to viewers, you may be able to avoid the need to clear and license third-party rights by, for example, changing the colours on team jerseys or blurring any brands which appear. But be careful with famous sporting episodes or film scenes, signature moves, audio clips, and so on – anything that is recognizable needs to be cleared, even in cases where only genuine experts could identify a scene, person etc.

We can assist you with this issue we deal with regularly and give you tips on how to reduce the royalties and licence fees payable. Simply ask your personal advisor on the Framepool team >

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