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Staff Profile of the Month
Staff Profile of the Month - Erin McKay
CEO's Corner
Hi everyone, This month's newsletter focuses on our value of inclusion. As an organisation, we all work on achieving greater inclusion through our roles every day. Behind the scenes, the Executive Team are also working on creating greater inclusion in our workplace.
Whilst our recruitment processes and decisions are always based on merit, we want to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply for jobs we have available and so we can work towards creating a workforce that is as representative of the diversity of our local communities as possible.
We want to make sure everyone has access to the possibility of working with us. We are doing well so far; many of our staff identify as having a disability or caring for someone who does, as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, as having varied cultural backgrounds, or as LGBTI+. But we still have more to do in our inclusion journey! If you have any ideas on how we can increase our workplace inclusivity please do let me know.
Until next time


Recipe of the Month
Tim Tam Pops
  • 300g Caramel Tim Tams or any flavoured Tim Tams
  • 250g cream cheese
  • 250g milk, dark or white chocolate - melted


  1. Crush biscuits until they resemble fine crumbs.
  2. Mix Tim Tams and cream cheese.
  3. Roll into teaspoon-sized balls and place on a tray lined with baking paper. 
  4. Insert one toothpick into each ball and place in fridge to firm.
  5. Holding the toothpick, dip each ball into melted chocolate and place back onto the lined tray.
  6. Place in the fridge for 1 hour to set. Enjoy!
Thank you Natalie Cheers for sharing this recipe. The Kempsey office staff were in for a treat the day you brought these in for morning tea. 

Natalie says that her family and friends love these pops as they are sweet and delicious. 
Value of the Month


  • Helen Gillies -         I incorporate the value 'inclusion' through connecting with people without judgement.
  • Ross Henderson - Over the past year I have been completing a Cert II course in Auslan at TAFE. This has assisted me to start working with people from the Deaf community, and to start a catch-up group with some of the students and a person who uses Auslan. This allows us to continue learning outside of the classroom. Learning Auslan has enabled me to be more inclusive in my community, and setting up the group has brought people together who may not have otherwise met.


The Kempsey office team spent time together recently playing with clay.  This was a team-building and self-care activity.
It was a good opportunity to sit and do something with our hands.  It allowed us to stop and take time to talk, and of course laugh. The Kempsey team are great at sharing food but this was something different and showed other options of taking time out and being mindful.
The staff members responsible for creating these cute little creatures included; Nicki Clarke, Sharnie Cooper, Claudia Rigg, Megan Archibald, Kim Wynan, Krissy Lerner, Renee Skinner, Tash Kesby, Natalie Cheers, Jeremy Farrell, Kadee Ward, Aaron Johnson. Thanks for sharing this valuable activity with us. 
A message from Carol Malcolm
Manager, People and Culture
Welcome to the November edition of Connections.  This month I have been reflecting on Spiritual Self-Care and how I can incorporate more of this into my daily life.   Meditation, time alone, time with loved ones, and being in the natural environment are the spiritual self-care activities that enhance my sense of peace and enable me to be the best version of myself.   I would be really interested to hear from everyone else what activities sustain your spiritual needs, it would be great to share them with each other. 

Petrea King has some great resources on her website for anybody who may be interested in reading more about this topic, watching a video or listening to a podcast.  Petrea has an easy 4-step process to support you to feel more peaceful, she calls it the 4 Cs.  Please see the link.
A message from Nicki Clarke
Operations Manager
Hi Everyone
I love the warmer weather and the longer days.  It is a time of year that I feel a bit more alive.
Regardless of whether you enjoy the warmer weather or the cooler weather it is important you take time to look after your own health, both physical and mental.
So I thought I would share some tips:
  • Drink plenty of water, keep hydrated (those of you who know me well will love this tip)
  • Change posture regularly
  • Get up and move
  • Take screen breaks
  • Eat Healthy
  • Exercise
  • Make time to do something you enjoy
  • Take time out for yourself
  • Seek assistance if you are experiencing physical or mental unwellness. 
Take care and remember to drink plenty of water.           
Katelyn Williams thoughts about our value 'Kindness'
"I believe kindness and empathy are at the core of my work as a Linker, the simplest and easiest acts of kindness create positive change, interconnectedness and belonging. Never undervalue the value of a smile."
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