Image: John PhillipsHey you get off my cloud, event announcement, 2022

“hey you get off my cloud”Posters of protest and celebration

A discussion with John Phillips from the Museum of Unrest
Tomorrow: Saturday 17 September, 4-6pm
Free, book 

On the final day of Adam Shield's current exhibition Amp Envelope join us for a discussion with John Phillips from the Museum of Unrest.

The 1970s and 80s witnessed an unprecedented outburst of locally-based poster making globally. Today this tradition remains vital in certain contexts such as Chicano culture in the USA and the Hong Kong umbrella movement. As a poster designer at Paddington Printshop (1975-85), John Phillips frequently exchanged his own posters with fellow designers, which grew into a significant collection. John will bring examples from this archive to the discussion.

Informed by Adam Shield’s long-term interest in self-publishing and DIY production processes, Amp Envelope carries forward the possibilities of publishing and print-making to generate new spaces of experimentation, collaboration and exchange.

For The Showroom Mural Commission Adam took as a starting point a period of research into local, radical grassroots print presses in North West London, including The Poster Workshop on Camden Road which ran from 1968-71; the Paddington Printshop and later the londonprintstudio on Harrow Road, amongst others.

The exhibition will be open from 12-6pm, so there will be time to see Amp Envelope on its final day before and after the event. This event, organised in partnership with the Museum of Unrest, also marks a new phase for The Showroom Mural Commission, which will continue to evolve through to July 2023.


4-4.10pm: Introductions, Lily Hall, Curator at The Showroom & artist Adam Shield
4.10-4.40pm: John Phillips introducing posters of protest and celebration from the Paddington Print Shop and  the londonprintstudio, in context and beyond
4.40-5.15pm - Q&A
5.15-6pm - Refreshments in the Studio


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