UPCOMING EVENT Mhamad Safa, BlastFoam computational fluid dynamics modelling of a Blastwave, obstructed by concrete structures. Edited video screenshot, 2022. Courtesy of Synthetik Applied Technologies

In conversation: Mhamad Safa and Gascia Ouzounian

Tuesday 8 March 2022
At The Showroom
Free, but spaces are limited and booking is essential

How can the production of sound and practices of listening operate as modes of resistance and rebuilding in times of conflict and crisis? 

Countersonics: Radical Sonic Imaginaries is a new series convened by Gascia Ouzounian exploring sonic tactics for building counter-narratives to contested events, spaces, places and communities.

Join us at The Showroom for this conversation between Mhamad Safa and Gascia Ouzounian, the first event in the series. The discussion will focus on Safa’s research as an architect and sound producer, in particular his work on urban acoustics during aerial strikes on Beirut, taking his recently published article Reverberations and Post-War Trauma, 2022 as a point of departure. Together with Ouzounian, Safa will discuss his investigation of the role of echo and reverberation in Beirut; as well as post-war trauma and listening cultures in Lebanon.

To read Mhamad Safa's article either ahead of or after the event, the full text is accessible online within Sound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 
here. The event is being recorded and will be made available afterwards on the Sonorous Cities website and The Showroom Library online.


This event is co-presented by The Showroom and Gascia Ouzounian. It forms part of the public programme for Haig Aivazian's current exhibition, 
All of your Stars are but Dust on my Shoes at The Showroom. If you would like to see the exhibition before attending the talk, there will be a special screening from 5.30-6.10pm on the night.

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London NW8 8PQ
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