COMPOST. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap

Kathrin Böhm, tape on screenprint, for Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap at The Showroom, 80x120cm. Courtesy of the artist 

COMPOST. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap continues at The Showroom and online!

Join us for 
Meronomy: approaching the archive with curiositya public conversation around modes of archiving on Wednesday 30 June, 5-6.30pm in partnership with Art360 Foundation.



Meronomy: approaching the archive with curiosity 

Kathrin Böhm, tape on paper, 2020. For Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap at The Showroom. Photo: Dan Weill Photography

Wednesday 30 June, 5-6.30pm 
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The Showroom and Art360 Foundation invite you to this collaborative online event, Meronomy: approaching the archive with curiosity, a public conversation around modes of archiving, held in the context of Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap.

With contributions from Chantelle Lue and ߔߎ߯ߟߍ߫ ߞߊ-ߖߊ߬ߣߏ߬ߟߌ߲߯ߗߌ (Pule kaJanolintji), UBUNGXENYE (Parthood); Hayley Newman and Bryan Reedy (HAND); and Laura Callegaro, introduced and chaired by Ellie Porter, Head of Programme, Art360 Foundation.

Khuluma ngokuzithoba nesizotha eikhule •, unpacking, parthoods, misleading, not presenting, sieving through, practicing, acquiring, not knowing, travelling, organising, loosing, bringing out, pulling out, refusing, in touch, tuning, foregrounding, not defining. Keep it complex, make it clear.••

• & •• These first and final sentences are suggestions given by colleagues, which might become proverbs.



Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap

Kathrin Böhm, I don't want to do another project. I want to make a pile, tape on screenprint on paper, 2021. For Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap at The Showroom. Courtesy of the artist

16 June – 24 July 2021
Open Wednesday–Saturday, 12-5pm
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Compost is a unique collaborative exhibition that explores twenty years of artist Kathrin Böhm’s practice. A cumulation of objects and methodologies fills the gallery space at The Showroom, opening up an invitation to contribute to a process of fertiliser-making in collaboration with Böhm: to sieve through, to assess, to archive, and to reformulate by making use of Böhm’s methods of production; working one-to-one, collaboratively, and in public.

Compost involves a daily, live process of 'turning the heap', where local groups, colleagues and gallery visitors will actively be using and reusing the material in the space. In this way we will be producing ‘fertiliser’ for the future: for the organisation, for the artist, and for everyone who is involved. This live programme of talks, workshops, and 1:1 drop-ins will take place both at The Showroom and online. 

The programme is updated regularly on the
Compost website, showing both who is in the space and how to join. Designed by An Endlesss Supply.

There is a maximum capacity of ten visitors in the exhibition space per hour at The Showroom. Book your place via
Eventbrite. Alternatively, it's possible to tune in online via webcam during opening hours; to drop in to an open Zoom room on Thursdays from 12-1pm; or to book a half-hour 1:1 conversation with Kathrin on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Compost involves a new partnership with Art360 Foundation and Laura Callegaro, enabling a process of live archiving and an online event. The subtitle, Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap, has been donated by artist Rosalie Schweiker.



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