Kathrin Böhm, tape on screenprint, for Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap at The Showroom, 80x120cm. Courtesy of the artist 

We are delighted to be reopening tomorrow, 15 June with a Live Online Opening of Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap and Launch of PARSE Journal issue #13 On the Question of Exhibition, from 4:30-6.30pm.



Kathrin Böhm, tape on paper and screenprint, both 80x120cm, 2021. For Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap at The Showroom. Courtesy of the artist

Tuesday 15 June, 4:30-6.30pm BST; 5:30-7.30pm CEST
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Livestream via Youtube: HERE

The Showroom and PARSE invite you to this joint event to mark the opening of Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turing the Heap at the Showroom and the launch of On the Question of Exhibition, the latest journal issue from PARSE, an online artistic research publishing platform at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing arts, University of Gothenburg.

A central contribution in the new journal issue is a discussion between Kathrin Böhm, Yolande van der Heide (Exhibitions Curator at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven), Gavin Wade (Director at Eastside Projects, Birmingham) and Franciska Zólyom (Director and Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art GfZK, Leipzig) framed in response to Böhm’s use of exhibition across both art and non-art contexts.

This curatorial-cum-editorial dialogue uses the methodology of composting as a process of collaborative reflection. The conversation highlights Böhm’s experience and tactics of a ‘one-to-one’ scale that disrupts spectatorship and collides making and showing in the same moment.

The event will begin with an exchange between Jyoti Mistry and Nick Aikens, co-editors of On the Question of Exhibition; followed by a video tour of Compost in the gallery space with Kathrin Böhm, explaining the process of piling, filing and fertilising. The Showroom’s director Elvira Dyangani Ose will then introduce the exhibition and its modes of usership in relation to institution-building; and Mick Wilson, co-editor of On the Question of Exhibition, will reflect with Böhm on her exhibitionary strategies.



Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap

Kathrin Böhm, tape on paper, 60x80cm, 2021. For Compost. Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap at The Showroom. Courtesy of the artist

16 June – 24 July 2021
Open Wednesday–Saturday, 12-5pm
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Compost is a unique collaborative exhibition that explores twenty years of artist Kathrin Böhm’s practice. A cumulation of objects and methodologies fills the gallery space at The Showroom, opening up an invitation to contribute to a process of fertiliser-making in collaboration with Böhm: to sieve through, to assess, to archive, and to reformulate by making use of Böhm’s methods of production; working one-to-one, collaboratively, and in public.

Compost will involve a daily, live process of 'turning the heap', where local groups, colleagues and gallery visitors will actively be using and reusing the material in the space. In this way we will be producing ‘fertiliser’ for the future: for the organisation, for the artist, and for everyone who is involved. This live programme of talks, workshops, and 1:1 drop-ins will take place both at The Showroom and online. 

The programme will be updated regularly on the
Compost website, showing both who is in the space and how to join. Designed by An Endlesss Supply, the site goes live in tandem with the opening of Compost tomorrow, Tuesday 15 June 2021.

There will be a maximum capacity of ten visitors in the exhibition space per hour at The Showroom. Book your place via
Eventbrite. Alternatively, it'll be possible to tune in online via webcam during opening hours; to drop in to an open Zoom room on Thursdays from 12-1pm; or to book a half-hour 1:1 conversation with Kathrin on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Compost involves a new partnership with Art360 Foundation and Laura Callegaro, enabling a process of live archiving and an online event. The subtitle, Kathrin Böhm: Turning the Heap, has been donated by artist Rosalie Schweiker.



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