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“He who would travel happily must travel light.”
        Antoine de St. Exupery                       

    CARRY ON         

Traveling is a priority in my life.  A plane ticket and hotel room always trumps a fancier car, designer house or sparkling jewelry for me.  Visiting the far reaches of this country and the world is exciting.  The sensual experience of exploring vast landscapes, exotic flora & fauna, hearing odd languages, exposure to any aspect of a foreign culture is exhilarating.  I believe travel expands our brains, broadens our perceptions, and teaches us so much about ourselves.
I am fortunate to have visited many wonderful places and consider the world my lifelong learning classroom. One lesson learned from traveling that I have incorporated into all aspects of my life is to travel light.  Rarely do I ever take more than a carry on bag, unless there are some unusual circumstances (like taking 30 lbs of legos to an orphanage in Nepal) or special gear required.  Everything I  really need for 2 weeks can be contained in a carry on.  Admittedly I won't  be dressed to the nines like some fashionista,  but I will have options and flexibility that those travelers lugging oversized pullmans won't have.  There's no doubt that traveling and living with too much stuff can be a real burden.
My two most recent trips, one domestic and one international, both had airline cancellations and major screw ups.  Travel interruptions seem to be the norm lately.  After waiting in line for 3 hours with tens of thousands of others stranded in Chicago due to a storm, I was able to get to where I needed to because my bag was with me.  The ticket agents love that!  And as I slept on the floor of the Denver airport the night before I had my toothbrush and a change of clothes while the others who packed everything but the kitchen sink in their checked bags were stranded with nothing.  All those fancy clothes, matching shoes and whatever else that seemed so necessary was now in a warehouse, hopefully with the tag still on, headed for who knows where.  The baggage had weighed them down in more ways than one.
When people have "issues"  We often refer to it metaphorically as "baggage"; carrying around things that are heavy and unnecessary.  We have to constantly pack and unpack our bags (minds) to make sure we take only what we need and what 's helpful, leaving behind what is unnecessary or burdensome.  Traveling, and living, light is liberating.  It helps you focus on what's really important and opens you up to many more possibilities. You'll also discover the less you need, the less you want, and the happier you are.
Coaching Questions:
  • What have you been carrying around that is heavy and unnecessary? Anger, fear, worry, unreasonable expectations, guilt, troubling relationships, stress...
  • Why keeps you from unpacking those, putting them back on a shelf and not lugging them around?
  • How much happier could you be is you traveled light along your path?
Remember to leave room in your bags so you can take treasures home.

Need some coaching on how to travel light? Contact me - or 419-357-7023
Marlene is a regular contributor on Pittsburgh Today Live.
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