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"After it's finished I can trace a path that goes back to the possible source of inspiration."

Tracy Chapman

Note to Self

The CBS morning show has a regular segment titled Note To Self where the guests read  letters they've written to their younger selves. They very thoughtfully share the precious lessons they've come to understand more clearly from their vantage point further down life's path.  Recently Kermit the Frog was highlighted. He spoke of the things he missed about being a tadpole, especially his tail. He then went on to describe memorable early experiences and characters he met along the way that believed in him and his dreams, and of course Jim Henson who was extraordinarily inspiring and always there for him. Some of the secrets Kermit shared were "in order to make your dreams come true, share them with others"  and the importance of having a sense of humor throughout life.
Everyone has a story to tell with lessons learned along the way. We are our own best teachers, but unfortunately not our own best students. Note to Self is an valuable exercise to help reveal our unique internal wisdom. The idiomatic 20/20 hindsight and seeing the forest for the trees phrases seem to ring true when we take the time to stop and look back over our lives; where we were, where we are, and only then, looking ahead to where we want to go.  Regardless of our age, perspectives can change dramatically as we get a bit further down the path, and we can learn a lot from that.  Some things that seem so obvious now were completely obscured  earlier. It can be embarrassing to remember what seemed incredibly dramatic at the time but proved to be insignificant in the long run. Reexamining that embarrassment and realizing it was actually passage to a new place can be reassuring and encouraging. There are also those experiences that seemed inconsequential, but looking back you realize and appreciate how they changed the course of your life. You can watch Kermit's Note to Self and see how he describes his metamorphosis through each stage of his journey and came to terms with his frogness.
Live and learn: simultaneously, constantly and until our last breath. Take some time to listen to you inner wisdom. If you were to sit down and write a Note to Self now what life lessons would you share with your younger selves along the way...child, teen, young adult?  
Dear (Insert your name here),
  • What experience(s) can you look back on that taught you something very important but at the time you didn't have a clue?
  • How has what you value changed over time?
  • Who influenced you? Perhaps it's been a subtle, gentle influence that occurred over time. Not a big, exciting, show stopping Jim Henson kind of connection.
  • Was there someone who believed in you so much they made you believe you could do anything and helped make your dreams come true? Is there someone you do that for?
  • What are the most important things you've learned about life thus far? Who can share them with?
September 2014
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