Learning AngularJS: Angular 1.3.0 is out.
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Angular 1.3.0 Has Been Released!

The latest stable release of AngularJS has just been released, we're up to version 1.3.0 now and it's got some nice new features!

Most important is the performance improvement to data binding. By using the new one-time binding feature, interpolation happens once and the watcher for that variable goes away. The default with previous versions of AngularJS has been to setup a watcher for every data binding which caused performance to suffer once you got into hundreds of bound elements (such as in a list or table).

How do you use one-time binding? By using "::" as a prefix in your binding,
  <li ng-repeat="item in ::items">
    {{ item.name }}

Other performance improvements have also made it into this version of AngularJS so you'll see faster performance when deploying AngularJS 1.3.0 web apps.

The new ngAria directive adds ARIA attributes to existing AngularJS directives.

The ngMessages directive, another new directive, groups up messages and errors for form validation. This is a common problem that needs to be addressed in projects and it's great that the AngularJS team has decided to provide a good solution as part of Angular:

However there's a drawback to all this awesome stuff...1.3.0 introduces some backwards incompatible changes which means you have to migrate from Angular 1.2.0 to Angular 1.3.0 using this guide.

Read more about the other changes here.

Happy hacking!

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