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Welcome to our Spring bulletin, in which you will find plenty of new Aqueduct titles to tempt you, as well as the new issue of The Cascadia Subduction Zone. They will all be available from our table at WisCon 43, which is next week and we are very much looking forward to. Read on for this and more.

The Green and Growing
by Erin K. Wagner

Cover image of THE GREEN AND GROWING$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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In this  intriguing tale, the 65th volume in Aqueduct's Conversation Pieces series, about the clash of two worlds and cultures, Miquita, one of the forty-two daughters of Commander Hritrar, is sent to the Ruburuii after their defeat at her father's hands. Hampered by diplomatic ettiquette and a thoroughly alien culture, Miquita struggles to understand the destruction her father has leveled against the cities and orchards that depend on a failing artificial intelligence. Can she help repair the terrible damage her father's forces have inflicted? Perhaps more importantly: should she?

You can read a sample of purchase it on our website and elsewhere.

Everything Is Made of Letters
by Sofía Rhei

Cover image of EVERYTHING IS MADE OF LETTERS$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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We are pleased to announce the release of Sofía Rhei's Everything Is Made of Letters, a collection of short fiction translated from Spanish, as the sixty-sixth volume in Aqueduct's Conversation Pieces series, in both print and paperback editions. The stories' translators include Sue Burke, James Womack, and the author herself (with assistance from Arrate Hidalgo and Ian Whates).

A man risks his life by carefully forging bibliographic references in a parallel Barcelona; at the Cyclotech, a woman strives to keep the storytelling different engine safe from ignorant hands that could get words lost; off-planet, an interpreter gives an account of her language learning process involving a realistic alien doll that claims to be a sentient being… Words boast a heavy, at times disturbing, weight of their own across these alternative realities in which language rules supreme, fleshed out by the mind of one of the most prolific writers in contemporary Spanish genre fiction.

Read a sample now or purchase a copy, available on our website and elsewhere.

Midnight at the Organporium
by Tara Campbell

Cover image of MIDNIGHT AT THE ORGANPORIUM$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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We are pleased to present Midnight at the Organporium, a collection of short fiction by Tara Campbell, in both print and ebook editions, as the sixty-seventh volume in Aqueduct's Conversation Pieces series.

What do a homicidal houseplant, an enchanted office picnic, sentient fog, and the perfect piece of toast have in common? They’re all part of the world of Midnight at the Organporium. At turns droll, wicked, and surreal, these tales cover topics from white flight, to the Princess and the Pea, to marriage in the afterlife. Visit Midnight at the Organporium for a dose of twisted obsession, covert complicity, and peculiar empowerment—and don’t forget to pick up your spare heart while you’re there.
Publishers Weekly starred review
"Equal parts surreal and wickedly droll, Campbell’s collection of 12 stories traverses reality in a way that highlights the extraordinary within everyday life. The menagerie of tales taps into an array of offbeat topics. In “Death Sure Changes a Person,” a man’s jealous wife keeps returning from the dead, while in the title story a thief tries to steal a heart from the Southside Mall. “New Growth” is a nightmare-inducing look into the life of a woman whose houseplant seems more aware than she is of her boyfriend’s abusive nature. “The Rapture” is a poetically harrowing look into the progression of white flight in suburban areas. Though this may sound like a mashup of unrelated oddities, the stories have been cleverly arranged to maintain a coherent and alluring tone, and Campbell’s versatility is impressive. Each tale is dryly funny, poetic, poignant, dark, and trippy. Readers who are hungry for a quick visit to somewhere left of reality will gladly immerse themselves in this profoundly avant-garde book."
Read a sample now or purchase from our website and elsewhere.

Algorithmic Shapeshifting
by Bogi Takács

Cover image of ALGORITHMIC SHAPESHIFTING$12.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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We are pleased to announce the release of Algorithmic Shapeshifting, a collection of poetry by Bogi Takács, winner of the Lambda award for editing Transcendent 2: The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, and finalist for the Hugo and Locus awards. Algorithmic Shapeshifting includes poems from the past decade and previously unpublished work. The scope of the pieces extends from the present and past of Jewish life in Hungary and the United States to the far-future, outer-space reaches of the speculative – always with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Lisa M. Bradley provides a foreword to the collection.

Read a sample now or purchase from our website and elsewhere.

Advance Praise for Algorithmic Shapeshifting
“Bogi Takács is a poet of visceral exuberance and Talmudic invention. Moving as dazzlingly between genres as languages, e makes the reader eir kaleidoscope where ancient traditions, unenvisioned technologies, and children’s toys tumble with ordinary, transcendent precision, imagining new ways of being and observing others signally extant. These poems draw blood and spark synapses, make dauntingly familiar and tenderly strange. You should let them change you.”—Sonya Taaffe, author of Forget the Sleepless Shores 

“Mind-bending, imagination-expanding concepts are paired with a uniquely kinetic delight in language(s). Seemingly mundane events, like taking out the garbage, turn into epiphanies. And the poems, speculative or not, always blaze with emotion.”—Lisa M. Bradley, from the Foreword

“Bogi Takács's poetry is gleefully and unabashedly itself, pulling the reader though surreal worlds of visceral magic, body modification, political wit, and interpersonal devotion. Whether looking back into Talmudic history, forward into a science fictional psychic war, or sinking into the earth and growing flowers from its eye sockets, Algorithmic Shapeshifting presents a voice that is consistently fresh, startling, and sincere.”—Ada Hoffman, author of The Outside 

The Little Animals
by Sarah Tolmie

Cover image of THE LITTLE ANIMALS$20.00 (paperback)
$7.95 (e-book)
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Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek, a quiet linen draper in Delft, has discovered a new world: the world of the little animals, or animalcules, that he sees through his simple microscopes. These tiny creatures are everywhere, even inside us. But who will believe him? Not his wife, not his neighbors, not his fellow merchants—only his friend Reinier De Graaf, a medical doctor. Then he meets an itinerant goose girl at the market who lives surrounded by tiny, invisible voices. Are these the animalcules also? Leeuwenhoek and the girl form a curious alliance, and gradually the lives of the little animals infiltrate everything around them: Leeuwenhoek’s cloth business, the art of his friend Johannes Vermeer, the nascent sex trade, and people’s religious certainties. But Leeuwenhoek also needs to cement his reputation as a natural philosopher, and for that he needs the Royal Society of London—a daunting challenge, indeed, for a Dutch draper who can't communicate in Latin.

Read a sample of the book now or purchase on our website and elsewhere.

Advance Praise

Ursula K. Le Guin wrote of The Little Animals, “A vigorous, satisfying historical novel full of interesting and likable characters. To people who do truly unusual things, such as discover microscopic life, or paint Vermeer’s pictures, or hear what plague bacilli are saying, these things are just what they do. Sarah Tolmie’s novel catches this intersection of the everyday with the unearthly and holds it for us like a drop of pond water under the lens, vibrant with life and activity, fascinating in its strangeness and its familiarity.”


"Tolmie intricately weaves together the best of historical and weird fiction in this delicate tale of science and miracles. In 17th-century Delft, Holland, draper and scientist Antonie Leeuwenhoek is on the verge of a breakthrough discovery: that various substances are teeming with living “animalcules” that can only be seen by microscope. He is determined to prove his theories correct, though few people believe him. When he visits the Delft marketplace, he comes across a nameless, homeless goose-herding girl who says that she is followed by a cacophony of tiny voices. Leeuwenhoek strikes up an uneasy alliance with the girl, as he is certain the voices are those of the animalcules. Leeuwenhoek and the goose girl’s investigations into the worlds of the animalcules destabilize the realms of religion, art, and science. Tolmie balances careful characterization with rich historical detail, subtle humor, and energetic prose. Her central characters are suffused with color, and her prose captures the joys and uncertainties of life-changing discoveries. This delightful novel is not to be missed. (Starred Review)  
  —Publishers Weekly, April 1, 2019

Historical fiction involving scientists has a natural affinity for SF readers, and for the most part Tolmie’s account of Leeuwenhoek’s methods of lens-grinding and his detailed observations of everything from the pond scum called honeydew to blood and eventually semen are fascinating...What Tolmie does, often brilliantly, is develop a theme of patterns that reflect in various ways the underlying sense of order that seems to be emerging into the world she describes—not only the patterns of Leeuwenhoek’s observations, but the manner in which these become popular fabric designs (Delft was apparently known for fabrics before it was known for ceramics, and Leeuwenhoek himself made a living as a draper), and even in such details as his daughter’s dollhouse, the design of looms, and the sheet music that a local madam uses for her spinet...That mysterious goose girl may be the only hint we get of material magic in The Little Animals, but there’s more magic in Tolmie’s tableaux of a place and time, which at once seems like a charming mannerist fairy tale and a provocative account of the birth of our own modern worldview."
  —Locus, Gary K. Wolfe,  May 2019

The Cascadia Subduction Zone,
Vol. 9, 2

Front cover of The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Vol 9, No 2$5.00 (print)
$3.00 (PDF)

The spring issue of The Cascadia Subduction Zone is out. This issue of our feminist literary quarterly features a short story by Susan diRende, poetry by Anne Sheldon, a remembrance of Carol Emswhiller by Eileen Gunn, Karen Burnham's Dust Lanes column, and reviews of books by Sarah Pinsker, N.K. Jemisin, and others. The issue's featured artist is Silvia Malagrino.
You can purchase single copies or subscriptions (the electronic edition is $3 for an issue or $10 for a year's subscription, while the print edition is $5 for an issue or $16 for a year's subscription), and access past issues for free.

Current Issue
Volume 9, No. 2—2019

In Memoriam
Into the woods with Carol Emshwiller 
    by Eileen Gunn
Short Fiction
Knife Witch 
    by Susan diRende
Guns, Words, and Fear
New Bronze Plaque
   by Anne Sheldon
Dust Lanes
Short fiction reviews 
   by Karen Burnham
Book Reviews
The Municipalists, by Seth Fried
   reviewed by Patrick Hurley
Miss Violet in the Great War
by Leanna Renee Hieber
   reviewed by Kristin King
How Long ’til Black Future Month?, 
by N.K. Jemisin
   reviewed by Kathleen Alcalá
Sooner or Later Everything Falls into the Sea, 
by Sarah Pinsker 
  reviewed by Misha Stone
Featured Artist
Silvia Malagrino

Aqueduct Press at WisCon 43, May 24-27

Next week the Aqueduct Press team will be traveling to Madison, WI, to partake as usual in the WisCon activities and celebrations. Do come by the Dealer's Room and say hello! We have been working hard to have all our new releases ready for you to sample and take home.

We will of course have readings as well: join Susan diRende, Nancy Jane Moore, Therese Pieczynski (Broad Knowledge author), and Cynthia Ward at “Knife Witches And Others” on Friday at 4 pm at Michelangelos café for an afternoon full of witches, vampires, barbarians, and more; all of them "bloodthirsty, vengeful, but also rather nice".

On Saturday at 10 am, in Conference 2, we will have Eleanor Arnason, Beth Plutchak, Erin Wagner, and Anne Sheldon at the "Writing the Liminal" reading.

And on Sunday at 1 pm, again in Conference 2, we will have Aqueductistas Kate Boyes, Timmi Duchamp, Gwynne Garfinkle, and Liz Henry reading from their work at a gathering we have named “Beyond Epiphanies”.

We are looking forward to greeting many of you there.

Table at the WisCon dealers' room with many of our books

Help Celeste Rita Baker
go to Clarion West

Aqueduct author Celeste Rita Baker has the opportunity to study speculative/sci-fi/fantasy writing as a Clarion West student in Seattle this summer. If you love her work and are so inclined, you can help her fund her stay. For a taste of her fiction, do sample the beginning of her short story collection Back, Belly, and Side.
Writing the Other Class

Register now for this three-week Writing the Other online class, a "Deep Dive into Description" for prose writers of all genres with authors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford. Attendees will work with texts such as Writing the Other: A Practical Approach. Scholarships and Sliding Scale prices available.
We are open to submissions
Aqueduct Press is now open to submissions.  We publish works of feminist SFF, as well as works about feminist SFF or of particular interest to readers of the genre.

We would like to receive SFF novels of any length. For our Conversation Pieces series, we are interested in original novellas, poetry, and prose work of every kind at lengths of 20k-35k words. Please query before sending nonfiction or a collection of short fiction.

If you would like to send us your work, please read our guidelines before submitting.  We look forward to finding out about exciting, challenging speculative voices out there.
Forthcoming titles

Cover image of TRAPPED IN THE R.A.W.New Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction

Trapped in the R.A.W. by Kate Boyes (2019)

Unbecoming by Lesley Wheeler (2019)

Raven Nothing by Som Paris (2020)

Conversation Pieces Series

The Rampant: A Novella by Julie C. Day (2019)

Articulations by Cesi Davidson (2019)

Mary Shelley Makes a Monster by Octavia Cade (2019)
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