Timmi Duchamp Editor GoH at AmardilloCon, new author Betsy James, The Weave review in Locus
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Summer may be slow for some, but not for us. News this month includes a chronicle of Timmi Duchamp's attendance at ArmadilloCon as Editor Guest of Honor, a Locus review of Nancy Jane Moore's new novel The Weave, and Celeste Rita Baker's forthcoming reading in Harlem. We also introduce our new author Betsy James and encourage you to have a look at Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford's Writing the Other course, which starts soon.
Timmi Duchamp, Editor GoH at ArmadilloCon 37
Timmi's ArmadilloCon badgeLast month Timmi attended the literary sf/f convention ArmadilloCon 37, in Austin, Texas, as Editor Guest of Honor. The con this year featured a hopeful amount of feminist speculative topics, as well as readings, workshops, and even a panel titled "How to Sell a Book to Aqueduct Press." You can access Timmi's full chronicle, including a link to her interview with Madeleine Rose Dimond and Christopher N. Brown, on the Aqueduct blog.
Introducing Betsy James
Picture of Betsy James with catWe are very happy to announce that writer and illustrator Betsy James is joining the Aqueduct list with her forthcoming novel Roadsouls, a wonderfully immersive fantasy due in 2016. In the meantime, you can read her short essay on speculative fiction and the power of asking "What if?" on KL Wagoner's blog:

"Speculative fiction: it’s not just magic and little green men.

What is it, then?

For one thing, it’s a helluva lot of fun."

The Weave reading and Locus review
Nancy Jane Moore and friends at The Weave readingFaren Miller has written an enthusiastic review of The Weave for Locus, which you can find in full in their August issue , and from which we give you a snippet below:

"No generic form, [...] including satire, can prevail in a fictional environment this fluid, with characters too vivid to become icons or pawns. In The Weave, even the sense of wonder gives way to outright surprise: comic, tragic, or somewhere indefinably between."

Nancy Jane Moore has written about her reading and signing at the BookWoman bookstore (Austin, TX), as well as her experience at ArmadilloCon, at Book View Café. The picture by bookstore owner Susan Post features Nancy (center back) with friends.
Back, Belly, and Side Reading, Harlem
For those of you in or near New York, Celeste Rita Baker will be reading from her new collection of short stories at the George Bruce Library in Harlem on September 9 at 6 pm. Don't miss this opportunity to experience live the musicality of her prose.
Triptree Award ceremony for Jo Walton
San Francisco bookstore Borderlands hosted on August 9 a Tiptree Award ceremony for Jo Walton, who was this year's winner, alongside Monica Byrne, but could not attend the celebration at WisCon. All of the Tiptree honoring traditions were dutifully performed, plus an interview, live music, and a cake.
Writing the Other course enrollment opens August 26

Writing the Other promotion imageAuthors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford will soon start accepting registrations for their Writing the Other Online Fall 2015 course, a fantastic opportunity for writers who would like to examine and improve their creation of characters whose gender orientation, racial heritage, religion, and other aspects of their identity differ from their own.

"In truth, as author Daniel José Older puts it, when writers create characters from backgrounds different than their own, they are really telling the deeper story of their own perception. It is possible to write the Other sensitively and convincingly, and this workshop can start you on the path to doing just that."

The course runs for six weeks from September 26 onward. Visit their enrollment page for details and to sign up for a registration reminder.
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