New titles and a look at our 2020 releases
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The Aqueduct Bulletin

2020 has been a difficult year for us all. Aqueduct Press is still going strong, but we have, admittedly, let a few things slide. The Bulletin has been one of those, for those of you wondering if you've missed an issue. (Below you will find a roundup of our Spring-Summer releases, just in case.) Our response time to submissions has become much longer, too. We hope to do better on those in 2021. Be as safe as you can manage, and best wishes for the year to come.

Damned Pretty Things
by Holly Wade Matter

Cover image of Damned Pretty Things, featuring a red car over a bridge

$19 (paperback)
$7.95 (e-book)
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Fortune is an itinerant musician without a past who braids memories into her hair. Maud is a sheltered small-town girl and an unwitting heir to the notorious McBride family magic. The two young women meet when Fortune is commissioned to bring Maud to a rich man whose grandson she cursed. United by their love of music and their hunger for the road, Fortune and Maud form a friendship…one that is threatened not only by Fortune’s mission but also by their mutual desire for a man called Lightning.

Advance Praise

“Sweet as vanishing dreams, tender to the touch as new memories, wise as nursery rhymes, tasty as blueberry pancakes, Holly Wade Matter's Damned Pretty Things is a wondrous redemption tale of the triumph of love and friendship over pain and difference."
 —Nisi Shawl, author of Everfair and Filter House

"Damned Pretty Things is beautiful and wise, haunted and haunting. Sui generis. Brilliant. Enjoy."
 —Cynthia Ward, author of the Blood-Thirsty Agent series

Read reviews of Damned Pretty Things on our blog.

Raven Nothing
by Som Paris

Cover image of Raven Nothing, featuring a flying raven and two kids riding an animal against a mountainous landscape

$20 (paperback)
$7.95 (e-book)
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Raven, a trans girl from south London, wakes on a piece of ice floating on a frozen ocean. Adap, who has lived his whole life in a dying village just off the coast, finds her and brings her home. When she is told she must travel to the Golie Mountains, at the center of the world, Adap volunteers to take her. Together they navigate around a resurgent soviet-esque state that is at war with an ancient culture of gender-wild shamans. As they travel, she realizes that there is no one in this magical world who is not black, like her, and that every place they go seems uncannily familiar. 

 Anya Johanna DeNiro, author of Tyrannia and Total Oblivion, More or Less, writes: "Raven Nothing is a portal story desperately needed for our times. Raven, the protagonist, is a “crossover” in more ways than one, and the novel reveals how these different crossings—with gender, space, and psychology—intersect. Urgent, poignant, and lyrical, Raven Nothing expands the possibilities of fantasy literature."

"Paris successfully builds the tension with descriptions of the strange, monstrous creatures populating this off-kilter world and moments of high-stakes danger for the protagonists—as when a nefarious shaman drugs Raven and Adep. The worldbuilding boasts well-developed political structures and intercultural conflict, and the all-Black cast shines. Paris’s sensitive approach to both race and gender is sure to impress; readers will be excited to see what this promising author does next."   (Read the whole review)
  —Publishers Weekly, Sept 2020

by Sarah Tolmie

Cover image of Disease, featuring a syringe projecting a dark shadow

$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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Bodily life is an uneasy business. The terror of disease is a ubiquitous one. New diseases are being discovered all the time. This book collects twenty contemporary diseases — privacy, for example, or innovation, or involuntary compassion — and presents their primary symptoms and etiologies. It presents sufferers’ anecdotes: Owen wakes up one day made of glass. Deirdre is allergic to tourists. A middle-aged diabetic is haunted by the feet of a Kurdish refugee child. Apples develop a persistent tremor, and peanuts plot underground. Human resilience is tested in dramatic new ways in Disease.

Goddess Bandit of the Thousand Arms
by Hal Y. Zhang

Cover image of Goddess Bandit of the Thousand Arms

$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)

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Women with knives and loves travel through time and space in Goddess Bandit of the Thousand Arms, the first full-length collection of Hal Y. Zhang. In personal, lingering poems and a short story, Goddess Bandit details the ways—fantasy, escape, insurrection, deification, transcendence—women and often unheard voices can overcome oppression and become bright lights against the darkness.

E-book Editions of Nine Books
by Suzy McKee Charnas

A portrait of Suzy McKee CharnasWe are pleased to announce the release by Aqueduct Press of e-book editions of nine books by Suzy McKee Charnas. Among these, the collection Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms (originally published by Tachyon Publications in 2000) has not previously appeared in an e-book edition. The other titles include the Sorcery Hall Trilogy, consisting on The Bronze King (1985), The Silver Glove (1988), and The Golden Thread 1989), as well as The Vampire Tapestry (1980), The Kingdom of Kevin Malone (1993), The Ruby Tear (1997), Music of the Night (2001), and My Father’s Ghost (2002).

We have been great fans of Suzy's fiction since the early 1980s, so it gives us particular pleasure that Aqueduct can now offer e-book editions of so much of her work. Visit our blog to find out more on each title, including reviews.

Praise and interviews on our May releases


by Lesley Wheeler

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Cover image of Unbecoming featuring a fox snarling over a dead dove with a bleeding wound.Publishers Weekly Starred Review:

A middle-aged college professor taps into her magical ability in the midst of personal and professional chaos in this excellent feminist fantasy from Wheeler (The Receptionist and Other Tales). Cynthia’s world is falling apart. She’s suffering through hot flashes, her husband’s off in North Carolina, her teenage children are testing their wings, and her best friend, Alisa, has left on a mysterious faculty exchange program with a remote college in Wales. Stepping into Alisa’s professorial role at Cynthia’s small liberal arts college in Virginia is the oddly charismatic Sophia “Fee” Ellis, whose strange behaviors (sleeping outside, causing dogs to bark, looking right at anyone whispering about her even when she couldn’t have overheard) quickly become the talk of the English Department. As the bizarre happenings around Fee grow more extreme and Alisa proves impossible to reach, Cyn realizes that everything she wishes for, intentionally or no, seems to be coming true. Cyn will need help to understand what’s happening to her, but can she trust the secretive Fee for guidance? Wheeler’s prose is gorgeous and her characters are marvelously detailed. Cyn is by turns sarcastic and serious but always empathetic, and the mysterious Fee is surprisingly down-to-earth for all her arcane knowledge. Readers will be taken with this powerful and deeply satisfying tale. (Starred Review)    —Publishers Weekly, April 2020

Sacred Summer
by Cassandra Rose Clarke

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Cover image of Sacred Summer featuring a dancing human silhouette among tree shapesRead Ballet, Suburbia, and Death Metal, author Cassandra Rose Clarke's interview with T.D. Walker for Interstellar Flight Magazine.

Cassandra Rose Clarke has published eight novels, one collaborative serial, and several short stories and poems. Her novels have been finalists for the Philip K. Dick Award, the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, and YALSA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults, while her poetry has placed second in the Rhysling Awards, been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and appeared in Strange Horizons, Star*Line, and elsewhere.


The WisCon Chronicles (Vol. 12):
Boundaries and Bridges

edited by Isabel Schechter and Michi Trota

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Cover image of The WisCon Chronicles vol 12 featuring a mix of a bridge and a spider's webEditors Isabel Schechter and Michi Trota speak about the twelfth volume of The WisCon Chronicles on My Favorite Bit, a guest post series on Mary Robinette Kowal's website.

This volume explores our understanding of boundaries and bridges, and what they mean for us as individuals and for our communities. This collection includes essays from first-time WisCon attendees and former Guests of Honor, fans and Tiptree/Otherwise Award-winning authors and editors, cis het and LGBTQ+ attendees, affluent and less well-off, abled and disabled, white and POC, young and old, parents and child-free, English speakers and Spanish speakers, and hopefully more than just these categories can capture.

Structural changes in the convention that break down barriers to attendance and participation are important, and some of the essays recount the process and struggles of creating space and programming for POC attendees, access for disabled attendees, and affordability for all attendees. The words we use matter, as essays that talk about feminist terms, gendered language, and even the name of the Tiptree/Otherwise award (which is almost inextricably identified with WisCon) demonstrate. The definition of “community” is also examined, both within WisCon and beyond, as it spills out into the wider world — including online spaces.


Jess Adams • Charlie Jane Anders • Nancy Bird
Kristy Anne Cox • Katherine Alejandra Cross
Alexandra Erin • Nivair H. Gabriel • Sarah Gulde
Lauren Jankowski • Inda Lauryn • Elise Matthesen
Gabriela Damián Miravete • Chimedum Ohaegbu
Otherwise Board • Julia Rios • John Scalzi • Nisi Shawl
Monica Valentinelli • G. Willow Wilson


The Pleasures of Reading, Viewing, and Listening in 2020

Our annual series of posts on reading, viewing, and listening is about to begin. As usual, Timmi, our publishing director, has set out to solicit pieces from critics, writers, and friends, to tell us what they have enjoyed reading, viewing, and listening to in 2020, which may go down in history as the year some read more than they could have ever dreamed of... and some didn't manage to finish a single book. All posts will be published on our blog throughout the month, and we hope you'll enjoy reading on the wonderful titles, films, and music that may well have slipped below your radar.
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