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Amid these overwhelming times, we hope that receiving feminist SFF publishing news may be, at the very least, distracting. Some of us have little concentration to read; others are lucky enough to have found the quiet to actually read more. Whichever the case, below you will find our latest releases and a note from our publisher, Timmi Duchamp, on facing the COVID-19 at Aqueduct Press, among cheerier news, such as the first ever virtual WisCon edition and a special giveaway we are having to celebrate it.

City of a Thousand Feelings
by Anya Johanna DeNiro

Cover image of City of a Thousand Feelings, featuring two women from the back in a desert-like landscape with a floating fortress above them in the sky.$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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The City of a Thousand Feelings doesn't let certain people inside its walls. It's a place where emotions can become visible, but it flees the approach of a makeshift army who want to enter. Two of the trans women in this army forge a deep, complicated, and at times contentious friendship spanning thirty years. They must come to terms with not only the City's literal and figurative gatekeeping, but also other, even more sinister forces that use necromancy against them. As the narrator and her friend's lives are sundered apart, they must come to terms with what it means to not have a home, and what it means to be queer and aching for such a home. A sword and sorcery tale with emotional resonance, City of a Thousand Feelings brims with both the visceral and the allegorical, allowing the two trans women at the center of the story to claim their own space.

“Anya DeNiro’s City of a Thousand Feelings is a huge fantasy epic with a deeply intimate relationship story at its heart. I love these heroic trans characters and their struggle to find, or build, a better world. This story left me with a renewed faith in our collective ability to make it through the wilderness and the assaults of undead angels, and to create better families as we do so.
 —Charlie Jane Anders, author of All the Birds in the Sky

Ancient Songs of Us
by Jean LeBlanc

Cover image of Ancient Songs of Us, facing a round, bright, moon-like face against a dark, script-like covered backdrop.$10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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We are pleased to announce the release of this poetry collection, volume 73 in our Conversation Pieces series.

The poems in Ancient Songs of Us suggest that no song is “ancient,” that every story crosses time and transcends place to remind us what it means to be human. Love, hatred, fury, longing, ennui, sadness—these states of heart and mind in all their nuance hues overflow from these poems.

The Adventure of the Naked Guide
by Cynthia Ward

 Cover image of The Adventure of the Naked Guide, featuring a view from a cave on a lake over which some pterodactyls are flying. $10.00 (paperback)
$5.95 (e-book)
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The Adventure of the Naked Guide is the third novella in the author's Blood-Thirsty Agent series, following The Adventure of the Incognita Countess and The Adventure of the Dux Bellorum.

The earth is hollow—a trackless primordial wilderness. It's also the new front in the Great War. Here, the British spy Lucy Harker—Dracula's daughter—must locate Britain's missing vampire slayer—her own mother. Then she's separated from her lover, the vampire spy Carmilla and captured by Germany's most brilliant scientist, the sinister Dr Krüger. Now, Agent Harker may discover her most dangerous opponents are on her own side.

"Cynthia Ward’s Lucy Harker novellas give the modern reader an updated frolic through avant-garde genre fiction, a frolic frosted with a myriad of clever fandom-esque references sure to delight adventurous readers."  (Read the whole review)
  —Tangent Online, Michelle Ristuccia,  February 14, 2020

The Cascadia Subduction Zone,
Vol. 10, 1

Cover image of The CSZ vol 10 no 1$5.00 (print)
$3.00 (PDF)

The spring issue of The Cascadia Subduction Zone is out. This issue includes short fiction by Gwynne Garfinkle, poetry by Colleen Anderson, A.L. Blacklyn, and T.D. Walker, a Grandmother Magma column by Pat Murphy, Karen Burnham's Dust Lanes column, and reviews four reviews. This issue's featured artist is Ruby Rae Jones. You can purchase single issues ($3 for a PDF version or $5 for a print issue) and 4-issue subscriptions ($10 for an electronic subscription or $16 for both print and electronic subscription) at the CSZ site.

We always like to remind you that, with every new issue, we make a previous issue available for free. This quarter's liberated issue, vol. 9 no 2., includes Eileen Gunn's Grandmother Magma piece in memory of Carol Emshwiller, poetry by Anne Sheldon, and "Knife Witch", a short story by Susan DiRende, in addition to reviews and art.

Award season at Aqueduct Press

Why not celebrate our award finalists and special mentions by reading them?
Cover image of The Little Animals, featuring hand-drawn creatures as found in 17 century natural philosophy manuscripts.The Little Animals
by Sarah Tolmie

2020 Philip K. Dick Award:
Special Citation

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Cover image of Mary Shelley Makes a Monster, featuring three hands working on a human bust, one of them holding a quillMary Shelley Makes a Monster
by Octavia Cade

Finalist for the 2019 Bram Stoker Award
in the "Superior Achievement in Poetry Collection" category

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The RampantCover image of The Rampant, deaturing two dark figures on the water's edge looking up at a dark cavernous ceiling covered in bright points of light.
by Julie C. Day

2020 Lambda Literary Award finalist
in the LGBTQ Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror category.

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Cover image of Algorithmic Shapeshifting featuring warm-coloured round and square shapesAlgorithmic Shapeshifting
by Bogi Takács

2020 SFPA Elgin Award nominee
in the Full-Length Book category.

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Online WisCon Giveaway

WisCon, the world's first feminist science fiction & fantasy convention, is preparing to hold its first ever all-online edition. We hope you will join us in attending WisCon 44 virtually during U.S. Memorial Day Weekend — May 22-25, 2020. Registration is now open.

To celebrate this milestone and to encourage registration, we are happy to be collaborating with the organizers in a book giveaway: the first 100 people to register for the online con will receive a digital copy of this year's volume of The WisCon Chronicles (Vol. 12): Boundaries and Bridges. This year's volume of this by now traditional series (which gathers thoughts and creations by WisCon attendees) has been edited by Isabel Schechter and Michi Trota. We are delighted for readers to enjoy their excellent work.

The volume features Charlie Jane Anders's and G. Willow Wilson's WisCon 43 Guest of Honor speeches and the Tiptree (now Otherwise) award winner Gabriela Damián Miravete's speech and fiction, as well as essays by Alexandra Erin, Julia Rios, Nisi Shawl, John Scalzi, and more.

Promotional image of The Wiscon Chronicles volume 12

A Note from the Publisher

The COVID-19 pandemic has, of course, affected Aqueduct Press. For the last several weeks filled no orders of print editions or sent out print copies of the latest issue of The Cascadia Subduction Zone. That’s now changing because one of our local post offices has made arrangements we feel safe with, for orders going out to destinations in the US and Canada. But mail still cannot be shipped overseas. Our e-book editions, of course, are not affected.

We also, last month, put the release of two books—Unbecoming and Sacred Summeron hold. But since we’re now able to mail out print copies, we’ve scheduled them for release later this month.

A photo showing roadside signs spelling out "Fascism comes in many disguises"I regret to say we’ve also had to close (temporarily, of course) to submissions. We beg authors, of submissions who’ve been waiting for a response, as well as those of works in process, to forgive our sluggishness. We’re all fighting COVID fog, which interferes with the concentration needed to perform editorial tasks; and those of us in the US are additionally convulsed with (out)rage on a more or less daily basis, which also wreaks havoc on concentration. (As I write this, a part of my mind is distracted by my fury at the spate of news items I’ve read today reporting blame-the-victim dismissals of outbreaks of infection attacking workers in meatpacking factories; an administration official (who has been on my shit list for years) is now claiming that the infections are a result of workers’ “family lifestyles,” while a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge suggested that the outbreaks didn’t matter because such workers weren’t “regular folks.”)

In short, Aqueduct will continue to adjust, as needed, to conditions of the moment. Please continue to be patient with us—and thank you for all your wonderful support.

Forthcoming Release Dates

Cover image of Unbecoming featuring a fox snarling over a dead dove with a bleeding wound.

Unbecoming by Lesley Wheeler

Out May 15
What if women gained uncanny power at middle age? In Unbecoming, Cyn’s family is shattering, and she is at war with her own body. Then, when her best friend flies off on a mysterious faculty exchange program, a glamorous stranger takes her place—Fee Ellis, a Welsh poet who makes it all look easy. But it may be costly to welcome this charismatic outsider to their little college town. Cyn’s best friend, meanwhile, communicates only in ominous fragments.

Cover image of Sacred Summer featuring a dancing human silhouette among tree shapesSacred Summer by Lesley Wheeler

Out May 20
In the empty halls of a house on the edge of the woods, a dancer faces the aftermath of a career-ending injury and subsequent divorce. Twenty years earlier, on the land where her house would be built, two boys died violently and mysteriously while recording a music video for their band, leaving one survivor. Something sleeps in the woods beyond the house, and when the dancer finds the last musician, it will start to wake…

Cover image of The WisCon Chronicles vol 12 featuring a mix of a bridge and a spider's webThe WisCon Chronicles (Vol. 12):
Boundaries and Bridges

edited by Isabel Schechter and Michi Trota

Out May 24
The twelfth volume of The WisCon Chronicles explores our understanding of boundaries and bridges, and what they mean for us as individuals and for our communities. This collection includes essays from first-time WisCon attendees and former Guests of Honor, fans and Tiptree/Otherwise Award-winning authors and editors, cis het and LGBTQ+ attendees, affluent and less well-off, abled and disabled, white and POC, young and old, parents and child-free, English speakers and Spanish speakers, and hopefully more than just these categories can capture.
Copyright © 2020 Aqueduct Press, All rights reserved.

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