Our first issue! Today's letter features design, self-motivation, web development, and of course some laughs.
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Hey there!

You're reading the first issue of my brand new newsletter: Laugh & Learn.

My goal with this newsletter is to share a fun, interesting and educational email digest with you that keeps you inspired and entertained. Each post will include a quick thought from me, followed by a collection of links to articles, books, podcasts, and videos I think you'll really enjoy.

The topics will include software development, design, motivation, book reviews, entertainment (yes, this includes cat videos), and much more! 
I'm keeping the topics quite varied on purpose -- I think we all need diversity in our learnings, and I hope you agree.

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With that said, let's move on to the content!


Recently, I started to think about what it means to be the best at what I do (programming). We hear this saying quite often -- we're encouraged from an early age to strive to be the best. But is that what we really want? It took me many years of struggle to accept this truth: No, I don't want to be the best.  


Finding Meaning In Work: This post gives some detailed thoughts on how you can find happiness and motivation by discovering meaning in your work. Focus on the things that grow you as an individual, and put aside the things that don't.

Nobody Tells This To Beginners: This is a great motivational video that reminds us to stay confident in our own abilities, and to remember that things get easier with experience. It's targeted towards designers, but I think it applies to pretty much every field out there.


The Best User Experience Links of 2014: Normally, I hate posts that just throw a ton of links at you, but I must say that many of the links found here are quite useful. Browse the sections inside and jump to one that interests you. Some of the ones I liked included the prototyping links.

Design Details: If you are a fan of animations (particular in mobile), and haven't seen this page before, check it out now. Brian Lovin breaks down the bare details of different animations, interactions and workflows within various iOS apps. It's a treat to read, and serves as a great tribute to the art of focusing on the details in a product experience.

The Design Sprint: Google Ventures posts a great video explaining what the design sprint is. Essentially, it's a way of testing ideas without actually investing the time to build a full-blown working prototype.


Generation Javascript: There have been quite a few articles published lately about the troubled state of Javascript frameworks. I tend to agree with the sentiment -- there are just too many frameworks out there, and most of them are difficult to use. is a great article that does a solid job in explaining how we've lost our way. I think the best part of the article is the tweet (embedded on right).

"What's bower?"

"A package manager...  install it with npm."

"What's npm?"

"A package manager.... install it with brew."

"What's brew?"

. . .

Deep Space Simulation Drama: This talk from JSConf is incredibly fascinating, and just plain fun to watch. The initial buildup is a bit slow, but once you're ~20 mins into it, you won't be able to take your eyes off of it. It's like watching an arcade game.


Les Twins: These two are basically my favorite dancers to watch. They're twin bothers from Paris, and they're just plain incredible. They take popping to a completely new level (they also add a bit of cheeky humor to the mix). If you're like me, you'll probably just sit and watch every video of theirs after seeing the first one. So good.

Heavy Metal Cat: This is an amazing cat video, where cat antics are played on top of heavy metal music. Need I say more?

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