Summer Is Here
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Tucson Residents for Responsive Government

Summer is Here

I am sure about half of TRRG members are not!  Those of us remaining have dealt with heat, downpours, wind and petrified dogs. But TRRG soldiers on. Below is an update of the seven topics identified by members at the Annual Meeting to be TRRG’s 2016-2017 work agenda, listed in order of priority.

1. Improving Public Participation at Mayor/Council Meetings   (TRRG Studies) 
Vice-Mayor Kozachik asked Mayor/Council to continue this item to a future date at its June 7, 2016 Study Session. Members of the Task Force which produced the recommendations are visiting Mayor/Council offices to discuss and gather input (intro letter).

2. Code Enforcement Committee (TRRG Studies)
The Code Enforcement Division is now located in the City of Tucson’s Environment Services Department.  Kris Yarter has set up the organizational meeting for 2016-17 TRRG-CE, Monday, Aug. 29, 2016, 6:00-7:00 P.M., Ward 6 Office, East Room. New members will be warmly welcomed.

3. Improving Public Participation in Transportation Planning  (TRRG Studies)
Don Ijams is convening the organizational meeting for this new TRRG committee, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 4:30 P.M., Ward 6 Office, West Room.  The meeting will be to discuss whether and how TRRG should examine City of Tucson Transportation Planning processes and procedures as they relate to TRRG goals. Any TRRG members interested in this topic, please attend or contact Don to express your desire to be involved.

4. Neighborhood Services Enhancement  (TRRG Supports)
PDSD continues to send out weekly Neighborhood Nuggets on topics of interest. The Huddle working group, including City/PDSD Neighborhood Resources, Wards 3 and 6 and the Neighborhood Support Network will be meeting twice in August to plan for the next Neighborhood Huddle, building on the one held last April.

5. Improving Public Participation in PDSD  (TRRG Monitors)
Nicole Gavin, interim PDSD director, is retiring later this year.  TRRG Board has submitted a letter to City Manager Michael Ortega (click here) expressing our interest in the search for the new director.  Some TRRG members have been attending the informative public meetings on pending issues which the present PDSD staff is holding.

6. Boards, Committees, Commissions  (TRRG Supports) 
The City Manager Work Group presented a progress report to Mayor and Council at its June 7, 2016 Study Session.  It was given the green light to continue its work, both in reviewing individual BCC’s and in effecting administrative changes.

7. Providing Education on 2016 Charter Review Propositions (TRRG Monitors)
Mayor and Council are awaiting the 9th Circuit Court’s decision on the legality of our present election structure before discussing putting any election proposition on a future ballot.

In addition, the Board’s 2016-17 Membership Committee has been hard at work. It now has a new name: Outreach Committee. It is proud to report that TRRG has 102 members and 31 friends, but it has big plans for the future.

Thanks to all who have paid 2016-17 dues. If you have not yet done so, it is not too late!!  Please click here to access the form to mail in with your $10. And, we need all of you to keep talking up TRRG, making our organization a visible part of the community.
As a reminder, you can keep up to date on TRRG activities by checking TRRG web pages on Activities and Meeting Notes.

Also, a new email address, with better verification than is possible using Gmail, has been set up for use in sending out messages through Mailchimp. This new email address is You will only see this address on TRRG messages coming to you. TRRG's regular email address remains
Ruth Beeker, Chair, TRRG Board of Directors

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