June 2015

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I have introduced some new products this month. On the standard price list I now offer 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide at amazing prices. I can hardly believe the price of the small bottles sold at the health shop! It is available in 100ml, 500ml and 1LT so that you can go crazy with it and even have yourself some powerful therapeutic baths. The bulk sizes are also nice if you'd like to reduce the 35% solution down to a 3% concentration for all manner of uses, including around the home. Chemically, Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) has the make-up of water but with an addition oxygen molecule - this is where it's power lies, and also it's danger when full strength. So be careful and use it with respect. I have included some info on my website (how to use and mixing instructions) which you will find on the product information page:

I have bathed in it using 1 cup per bath and 2 cups and the difference was phenomenal. Definitely start with 1 cup and work your way up to 2 cups. I REALLY noticed the detox effect with 2 cups. I felt nauseas, had a headache and all I wanted to do was lie down and get into a warm bed but I couldn't at that time. So I drank lots of water, wrapped up warm, took it easy and within half an hour I was back to my old self. The detox reaction can be off-putting for many but I like knowing and feeling that I've done something good for my body. Some people report feeling energetic after an HP bath because of the oxygenating effect so be cautious about using it late at night. Personally I haven't had any problems falling asleep.

The monthly order form is jam packed this month with offerings from Crede Natural Oils, O' Natural's delicious raw cacao bars, organic essential oils, carrier oils and body care products from Soil, and new this month, the Spry range of sugar-free gum, mints, kiddies sweets and oral care products. The products are sweetened using xylitol which interestingly, is exceptionally good for the teeth. Sugar-free chewing gums and candies manufactured with xylitol as the primary sweetener have already received official endorsements from six national dental associations.


So how does xylitol work to protect the teeth?
Toxic, cavity forming plaque bacteria die each time they are in contact with xylitol. As harmful bacteria are cleaned away, new xylitol-resistant bacteria take their place. These new bacteria do not produce acids, do not damage teeth and do not form sticky layers of plaque (biofilms). These bacteria appear to form a protective coating over teeth – fighting off intruding bacteria and protecting enamel from things that may harm teeth. In a nutshell, xylitol creates a healthy oral environment because the bad bacteria do not feed on xylitol and so they die off!
For more information on xylitol and the Spry range of xylitol-containing products, visit their website:

The Soil oils and body products are now available in some bulk sizes too so there are some great savings to be had - check it out.

I am offering a bulk deal on the 1LT virgin coconut oil this month. Buy 2 tubs for R 150. Normal price for 1 tub is R 160. It's crazy how expensive this great staple is so buy in bulk and save!

And, as always, all the monthly offerings are beautifully discounted by at least 10% and as much as 25% on the O'Natural raw energy bars.

10am, SUNDAY 31st MAY

A few things to note on the standard price list:

Unfortunately honey went up a whopping 15% so you'll notice increased prices on these.

The Kalyan soaps are now a permanent addition on the standard price list but variants on offer may change so please check with me as to what is available.

Don't forget to keep the best herbal probiotic on the market in your cupboard to deal with the bugs doing their rounds this winter. This should be your first line of defense in tackling all manner of infections. Still selling at the excellent price of R 140.

Well I think I've just about covered everything important so I'll leave it at that and wish you a wonderful month of June.

If you cannot download the price lists or if you have any queries or suggestions, please do drop me a mail. I look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks & very warm wishes

Note that the price lists are in excel format so once you have clicked on the link below and opted to open it, click on the excel tab on your computer and you will see the reduced excel spread sheet - simply enlarge it.
JUNE 2015 price list & order form
DOWNLOAD MONTHLY PRICE LIST & ORDER FORM: (please order by 10am, Sunday 31st May)
JUNE 2015 monthly order form

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