February 2015

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Happy 2015!
I hope that your year has started off well and that you had a good break over the festive season. I feel like I need a holiday to recover from the loooooong school holidays, but then I guess many parents out there feel the same.  So now that life has returned to normal, its business as usual and here is the February price list and monthly order form.

Remember that all items on the standard order form are available to order at any time but those on the monthly order form must be ordered by 10am this Wednesday, the 4th of February.


If you have any trouble downloading the price lists, please email me:

New products
I have been supplying the 1LT Efficient Microbes Health Booster for more than a year now and it has proven to be a very popular product. This is clearly because it’s a great product that works.
I have, however, decided to switch to EM’s premium product, Probiotica, which is essentially exactly the same product but with the addition of herbal extracts. The synergy created by the combination of herbs and probiotics makes for a product with greater health benefits. The formula is stronger and requires a reduced dosage of 3 teaspoons per day as opposed to 3 tablespoons.  Suitable for all ages and safe for diabetics. However, because of the herbal content, Probiotica should not be used by pregnant women as safety has not been established.

Herbal extract blend: Chamomile, Rose Hips, Olive Leaf, St. John's Wort, Elderberry, Siberian Ginseng & Astragulus.

Probiotica is available in 500ml amber glass bottles at R 140 per bottle.
I have a brochure which I can email you should like more info - drop me a mail.

A reminder about items introduced late last year
The Enchantrix All Purpose Cleaner  is a concentrated environmentally friendly, organically formulated cleaning liquid that I have found to be great for general cleaning when you want something soapy. I fill spray bottles with 1 part concentrate to about 7 parts water. It even works well in a ratio of 1:10 but I like it a bit stronger so that I don’t need to spray as much. You can even use it as a laundry liquid.

Hydrogen Peroxide is now available in a 5LT can. This is a 3% solution for household use and I use the stuff like crazy – nothing lifts dirt and makes for easy cleaning like hydrogen peroxide. Add bicarb and vinegar to the mix and you have a trio capable of dynamite cleaning! On the subject of vinegar – it has just gone up again but I am supplying the stocks received this week at last year’s price.

Monthly order form offerings:
On the monthly order form is the full range from Crede Natural Oils, Kalyan Herbals soap bars, lip balms and organic neem seed oil and the superfood energy bars from O’Natural. These sugar-free energy bars make for a very healthy and substantial snack at 50g per bar. Pack in school bags, take to work or pop one in your bag for when you’re on the go. Buy in bulk (box of 12) and save 25%.

Any questions, please feel free to drop me a mail or give me a buzz. Have a fantastic February!

With best regards

HealthWize Natural Products
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