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Stories from Kenya - Archer's Post


As we left the Nyeri/Endarasha area and continued further North, the lush landscape that we had been in began to change. The trees became more sparse, the green turned to brown, and the dust and rock became more common.
We drove on, through police checkpoints, past many mosques, and we watched as elephant, camels, and zebras walked calmly along the road. Near the town of Archer's Post, nearly 7 hours from our original starting point, we turned off the road and began driving into the African bush.
At our destination we would meet up with Pastor Simon and Pastor Michael, join the Samburu tribe in a worship service, and discuss church planting.

This is a difficult area with unforgiving terrain, yet full of beautiful people. Our team was greeted by a number of Samburu women, dressed in tribal attire, who were singing and dancing as they made their way out to meet us. Each of them took each of us by our hand and led us into the small government school building where we would meet for our worship service together.  

As one of their elder women stepped to the front of the small building to address our team, her words sat heavy on my heart. She explained to us that she knew her country (Kenya) was not a safe place, and that there had been things going on recently to make it not so. However, because we had traveled to see them, and we had arrived safely, she was sure that God loved them and wanted them to hear about Him.  

I was reminded about how the early Christians prayed not for safety, but for courage to share the gospel.
"And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness..."  Acts 4:29


Simon's life story is of Biblical proportions.  He was born into one tribe, stolen by another as an infant, and then married into yet another tribe.
This gives him a very unique and unusual bond with three conflicting tribes in this area.  As his story was shared with us, God's sovereignty in all things shined through.  Simon lives in this Northern region of Kenya and has been discipled and trained by Linus.  He, in turn, is discipling and training other pastors in this area and helping them plant churches. He has helped to plant three churches, among three different tribes, in this area.

Not only is Simon's heart in this area where he lives, but he has a passion for the area beyond.
The area further North.

The country of Kenya sits in a strategic position on the continent of Africa, as it is a middle ground between Islam, which continually pushes down from Northern Africa, and Christianity, which mostly lies south of Kenya.  Simon has a calling not only to proclaim the gospel to incoming Muslims, but to take the gospel North into their lands and tell them about the rescuing power of Jesus Christ.
The Samburu

Despite the recent cattle war that occurred here, we were greeted warmly and joyously by the Samburu tribe. We were welcomed in and invited to join in worshipping Jesus with them.  Because of their dialect, everything we shared with them was through an interpreter, Simon. It was another example of God's sovereignty in his life as he was now in a position to translate english to the Samburu, and to help them hear about Christ.

As the service went on, both our team and the Samburu tribe would take turns presenting to each other. They began with beautiful song and dance, we followed with a Bible story, and so on. It was only two months prior to our visit that this church had been formed, and many, for the first time, heard who Jesus was. It was also only a week prior to our visit that the Samburu and Turkana tribes were engaged in a violent dispute over cattle, nearly prompting the cancellation of our travel to that area.  Yet, today, the Samburu worshiped and listened as we taught and sang about Jesus.

Near the end of our time with them, we were able to sit and listen to Pastor Michael (pictured above) preach a sermon to the church.
God will make his name known and He will draw all people unto Him.  
As we sat, thousands of miles from home, with a North African tribe, this one truth is what we were very sure of.
The work of Feed.Teach.Hope. near Archer's Post is primarily to support the resourcing of the pastors in this area, namely, Simon. We work with a partner organization, Hamoreh, to help teach and train the pastors here. We also work with Simon to see how to address the physical and educational needs of these areas. 
By God's grace, land has been obtained by the Samburu for a church here, and we want to help their pastor 
support them spiritually, educationally, and physically.

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