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What Will You Sacrifice?


Sometimes in life we must ask ourselves very important questions.
The answers to these questions can have implications which change our world.

A couple of weeks ago a non-profit friend of Feed.Teach.Hope. posted a wonderful blog article that shared with the world exactly what type of difficult lives some people live in Kenya. Lives of starvation, disease, physical and spiritual poverty, and lives of loneliness and oppression neither you, nor I, can imagine.

This is the reality of many of the locations we are working in around Kenya, and especially in the Misiri Slums where Christlike Academy is located. The children who attend Christlike are children who are daily neglected and abused, and often the only love and warm meal they receive is when they set foot in the gates of the school.

Few, if any, of us can imagine what it's like...
We turn on a faucet, and we have water.
We push a button on the thermometer, and we have cool air.
We click a nob on the stove, and we have hot food.
We have family and friends who care for us and money in a bank account somewhere.

Friends, might these comforts make us dull to the reality that there are people who can't pay the six-dollars needed for rent for their one-hundred square foot shack in the Misiri slums, and because of this poverty their children go days without food and their wives leave or turn to prostitution to make a living? This pattern continues the HIV epidemic that haunts Kenya and costs the lives of African children, some of which attend Christlike Academy. This pattern creates children who have no education, no future, and no hope.

Might these comforts hide us from the truth that a false message goes out strong across Kenya proclaiming God's main purpose to be the provision of material wealth and physical health; and many go astray hearing this and then wonder where Jesus is when they don't receive what He should be delivering?

Our comfort can ruin us and hide us from the truth.
God never intended for us to be comfortable or safe. He intends for us to live fearlessly for the sake of His Gospel, even when it's uncomfortable and scary. When the first disciples were spreading the truth of Jesus in a Christian-hating world, did they pray for safety? No, they prayed for boldness to proclaim the dangerous Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We must be willing to sacrifice our comfort for His Kingdom.

What will you sacrifice?
What will you give up, so someone else can have a warm meal, an education, or the opportunity to hear the true rescuing message of the Gospel?

God has called certain people to be on the ground and in the face of these horrible circumstances, He's called others to help tell the world about them, and He's called others to help support this work being done.

Would you partner with us?
Visit our website to see how.

We are so thankful for people and organizations like the one mentioned above who pour their hearts out for Kenya, and we are so thankful for friends like you, who know God has called them to more than a life of comfort;
He's called us to sacrifice for His Kingdom.



Rick Bowers


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