Greg Gunn TLDR #11 - The My First Vlog Issue

Hello, TLDRers! First and foremost—big ups to all the new eyes joining us this week. Good to have you with us. Missed an issue or curious about past issues? No worries. Read the last couple issues here:

TLDR #11 - The My First Vlog Issue
TLDR #10 - The How To Save Time In After Effects Issue 

Splendid Weirdos

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with these weirdos I’ve been posting lately. I’ve enjoyed coming up with stories about them and get some good laughs from the better ones.

After a while I started to think, what else could I do with these things? How do I develop this into something more? What if they were animated? And as the saying goes, the rest was App Store history.

Making and deploying stickers was easy, so I’m not going to bore you with a step-by-step tutorial. There are plenty out there that have this covered (skip to the bottom if you want to read them).

I’m going to tell you why I made them.

Smile & Laugh

The main reason I created Splendid Weirdos in the first place, was to make me laugh. And then, when I saw that other people shared this sense of humor, I came up with a new goal: make other people laugh and smile.

Splendid Weirdos - Reddo Smiles

I started thinking about where else I could take this idea. I wanted a new challenge. Animation felt like a natural extension to the project and navigating the App Store sounded like an interesting challenge.

Life After Launch

I’m guessing most of you work in the service industry—meaning you bill for your time and once the project is over, the project is over. I do too. But what I found really appealing about creating a product (animated iOS stickers) was that it would live on after I was “finished.”

People would download it, use it in ways I never thought of, give me unsolicited feedback about how funny it is or how bad it sucks. And at any point I can change and update it based on that feedback and really engage with people using it. 

If you’re lucky and strategic, your product will also work for you. You could go to bed one night and wake up the next morning with $45 additional dollars in your bank account. Don’t get me wrong, making animated stickers for iMessage is probably not the best business plan. But it’s a good learning experience that you could apply to another product you make in the future.

I’ve had some success developing scripts for After Effects and I’ve even met some people who now do that as their full time job.

A Good Story

So maybe it’s not how you’ll make your millions, but trying something new and launching it into the world makes for a good story. Write about it (blog post). Talk about it (IRL/podcast). Show it (video). Share it (social). You can take that experience with you anywhere and even use it to market your product.

A lot of tutorials out there do just that. Share their experience and teach you something in service of putting their name and product out there. That’s a win for everyone.

If you want to get meta, you could say that’s what this TLDR issue is. An article about articles about making and marketing a product. Whoa.

Want To Make Your Own Animated Stickers?

It’s easy. The toughest part of the process for me was filling out all the forms and information Apple requires. Beyond that, it’s pretty straightforward. And you won't write a single line of code.
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