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I’d like to take a moment to welcome all the lovely, new faces that recently joined TLDR. I am honored and pleased to make your acquaintance. You joined at the perfect time :)

My goal is to always share my experiences in hopes of one day helping you with your own experience. If you have questions or suggestions, I encourage you to share them by either messaging me on IG or replying to this email.
Also, if you missed the last issue, no sweat. I got you.

Everyday You’re Hustlin’

To do more with less. To get closer to the goal. To finish what you started. Your time is your most valuable currency and the more you spend it doing what you enjoy, the better. At least that’s what I believe.
If I find myself doing something more than once, I look for a shortcut. I’ll make a template or save a preset to save time later. Because when I think about doing that little thing over and over again, I think about the seconds I could shave off and how I can spend that time doing something that matters.
In the spirit of efficiency, I’ve dedicated this issue to the tricks and tools I use every day to make life easier.

I should note that this is in no way any kind of paid endorsement. I don’t get any benefit or compensation for sharing these. They’re just products I love and use religiously—I’m sure you have yours too.


I start every day taking 5 minutes to set goals for myself. If I’m feeling particularly charged, I’ll sometimes do it the night before. I love Todoist because it’s easy, the UX is great and it syncs across devices—for free. And it’s perfect for one person. I especially love their recurring task option. Great for administrative stuff and birthdays :)


If you’re not using Trello by now, you’re doing it wrong. There are a lot of great project management apps out there, but I always come back to Trello. We use it for every project at Blind and I also use it for life. Srsly, I make a new board January 1st of every year for my annual goals. Here’s a project template I like to use.


Pocket is a neat little app and browser plugin. I use it for articles I want to read or reference later when I have more time. I’ll read the headline, decide if I’m interested and then save it for later to read on my phone. It’s also great for sending links via text. There’s a bunch of other great features (e.g. tags, categories) that I don’t make use of, but maybe you will.


If This Then That is a game changer. It’s been around for a while, but it’s come along way to automate your life. If you really want to supercharge your efficiency, dig into it and set up some automation chains. It integrates with EVERYTHING—even your phone. I personally enjoy the Dropbox integration that sends photos to your phone from a designated folder.

Save Screenshot to Folder (OSX)

I take a lot of screenshots. For fun, for work, for blackmail, for anything. By default, OSX saves them to your desktop. I don’t like that. I like my desktop to be neat and clean. Fortunately, for OCD sufferers like me, this script lets you customize where they’re saved. I ♥ it.

Aero Press Coffee Maker

Okay, this is clearly the odd thing in the list, but it’s something I use at least once a day (often more than). If you care about how your coffee tastes—and yes, it’s okay to care and not be a coffee snob—then let me suggest this $30 coffee maker. Quick process, easy to clean and makes your coffee smooth af. 

What’s Next?

I hope that at least one thing on this list helps make your day to day easier to manage. If you liked this, we can dig into my process for working in AE/AI/PS in a future issue.

I have a few ideas for the next issue. I’ll throw some ideas into the socialsphere and see what sticks.
In the meantime, do you ’gram? So do I. In fact, I’m sharing a lot more day in the life of stuff, if you’re into that kind of thing. Plus, I have something big planned for the 5K follower mark. Follow me and keep an eye out to get involved.
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