Greg Gunn TLDR #14 - The Good Problems Issue

Hello, friends! And welcome to the 14th issue of TLDR. If you’re new to the list, let me extend an extra special welcome your way—thanks for joining. Here’s a link to the last couple issues to get you caught up:

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TLDR #12 - The iMessage Stickers Issue

This issue, we’re going to talk about good problems. And because I skipped a week, I have something special for you to download and use in future projects.

Good Problems

TLDR 014 Good Problems

Everyone has their problems—big ones, little ones, complex ones. And we all walk around, in our own heads, always trying to work through them. How do I do this? Who do I talk to about this? When will I find time to do this?

None of these are fun or get you excited, but those aren’t the problems I’m talking about. 

I believe there are good problems. They’re tough to spot and often manifest as too much of a good thing that we struggle to manage. For instance, I’ve been slammed with work for the last month—so much so that I’ve had to turn down projects, forego some sleep and delay sending out this TLDR (sorry).

Is that frustrating? Yes. But in these moments of feast, no matter how annoyed I am, I try to remind myself how good this problem is to have. Too much work is great. Turning down work because you’re too busy feels like you’re missing out, but if that’s my biggest problem I feel pretty good about it. And if you’re anything like me,  too much on your plate is better than not enough.

These moments are lessons in gratitude. It’s hard to be grateful for the haves and easy to complain about the have nots.

A Gift For You

Okay, so to make up for my tardiness and let you know how grateful I am for your attention, I have a gift for you. Download it at your convenience.

TLDR 013 Sketch 02

After working on a recent project involving lots of post-glow and light rendering, I realized that After Effects’ native Glow effect leaves a lot to be desired. My biggest gripe is that it’s difficult to produce a realistic looking glow.

There are lots of fantastic plugins available that can do this, but if your budget doesn’t support purchasing those I have a method that can you get you there, for the most part.

Faux Glow

Couple of caveats to make note of: it’s not a perfectly realistic glow, but it looks far better than the standard effect. I encourage you to play with some of the settings (Glow Radius and Glow Intensity) to get it to your liking. Try throwing an Exposure over the whole thing adjusting the gamma.

For best results, make sure to change your project settings to 32bpc and set the color profile to sRGB. You can find these in the Project Settings.

TLDR 014 Project Settings

What Are Your Good Problems?

Part of my morning routine is to journal and—if I’m doing it right—write about something I am grateful for. How do you manage your good problems and practice gratitude?
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